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I had a scrubby day yesterday, so I didn't get out of my PJs. The day before that, however, we went up to Newport - I was expecting a big high street type thing like in town but it has this amazing, sprawling shopping district... with a Primark! Admittedly only a little Primark, but I bought some cute things anyway, including this dress - and everything else I'm wearing! I can't believe this whole outfit cost £8. Today we're going to the Jobcentre, the library and the tip, action packed and fun filled kinda day then, eh? I don't know if anyone spotted it, but I went over my photobucket bandwidth yesterday so I had to buy a pro account. I'm torn between being happy, since it means a lot of people are seeing my photos, or sad because I had to fork out for the pro version! It was only £1.80 though and I only paid for one month to see how I go, so I suppose I'm more happy :3

In other news, I got my first hater comment this morning in my inbox, which was promptly deleted. It was going on about how I look hideous and I should do my hair and wear makeup to make my boyfriend 'proud'. Wearing makeup every day results in really bad eczma/conjuntivitus around my mouth and eyes and I'm sure Edd would prefer me to look like I don't have the plague rather than having me wear some eyeliner - and as for my hair, I'm getting round to it but I'm waiting until it's a bit longer so it can be super dramatic when it's cut and dyed. Has anyone else had funny hater comments? My giveaway ends tonight at midnight, by the way, so don't forget to enter if you haven't already ♥


  1. ah, haters,such a poor little live form!
    you look gorgeous, sweety! Just the way you are. <3

    ohhh, and I love the dress.

  2. oh dont worry babe, i get loads of HATE comments. you just have to be like, oh whatever! I get told i ought to dress more appropriately for my size-actually this is why i havnt posted an outfit post for ages and dont use lookbook anymore. anyway, i think you look cute as. I also get slammed frequently on my other blog, which really helps lol.

    anyway-i really like the minimal make-up approach, you dont need it anyway:)


  3. Let the haters hate,you are fantastic just as you are,dear! You are damn beautiful!!! ^^
    Love the dress! Primark rocks!

  4. I didn't even realise you weren't earing make up your skin is so fab! Lucky biatch :P xxx

  5. ^ What Fushball said, I didn't even realise you weren't wearing make-up. So go you! And is this person reading the same blog as the rest of us? You're gorgeous! I hope their comment didn't get to you too much.

  6. I never wear makeup! It makes my bad skin even worse. You look great anyway! And your boyfriend clearly doesn't mind because he's still with you. What the hell is wrong with people? Take it as a compliment that they took precious time out of their life to say that to you, and pity them x


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