Outfit Post: Geek Chic

This is actually yesterday's outfit but in the time between taking the photo and getting it onto Violet (my laptop) everything went a bit pear-shaped - first of all I changed round the battery on my laptop because my original one seems to have a shortened battery life - from over-charging, probably - and my charger made a horrible whiny noise when plugged in, so I unplugged it but obviously the battery had no charge, meaning my photos = unaccessible, and I was at my house while my other battery was at Edd's. We got back last night, I changed the battery back over and the charger still made the noise. Looking it up online, it could be caused by arcing, which Edd (who used to be an electrician apprentice) says is when the contacts aren't touching so the electricity jumps from one to the other, which sound pretty dangerous to me! So Edd went to have a look, opened the charger (which is past warranty), forgot it has a capacitor, which is like a mini battery thing, and gave himself a big shock. So my charger may be permanently broken - the second one my laptop has gotten through - despite Edd's best efforts so that means buying a new one and no Laptop for a while! On the plus side though I made some cookies last night and they came out really yummy ♥


  1. cute outfit, the bow is my favorite part :)



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