Outfit Post: The Grey Lady

This dress is the first ever thing I've bought from ASOS, and I think I might be a convert! It came in the post really quickly and I got updates via email the whole time. The dress is lovely but has two issues; a) it's a little too big, everywhere. However, looking at the measurements for the website a 14 wouldn't have fitted me! So apparently I'm between sizes, but hopefully a waist belt would make the slouchiness look intentional - and b) it crease really badly - admittedly it hasn't been ironed but I hung it up in the bathroom to steam it and after that it had no creases - but now after sitting down and walking for half an hour it's very creasy. Quite a few other bloggers (including Cupcake's Clothes, who pulls this dress off far better than me) have also got this dress in the coral/orange colour and it's lovely but I wanted something that would go with a lot of things I already own so this was the more practical choice, and a nice wintery colour too so could be worn all year round. Isn't Edd's garden the perfect background for my outfit photos? So pretty and vibrant, and the shed is super cute. I don't know if I'll be able to stomach going back to indoor photos again! Still a bit sniffly today but ultimately feeling a lot better, thanks for the 'get well soon's guys ♥ I'm nipping home today to see the family and grab some things I forgot and not much else, I don't think, so a relaxing sunday all round. Also, I need your advice, followers! Is this image too large or does it look good this size? You can see all the details but does it take too long to load for you? I'm not sure...


  1. i like big images personally and oo that dress looks sooo lovely on you!! i'm jealous! x

  2. ASOS is demanding all my money and I am so willing to give it to them xD the big 70% off sale was a hard time for me ;)
    you rock that dress! Have fun at your family's!

    P.S. the image size is totally okay!

  3. The image size is fine loading-wise, but unless I zoom out I can't see it all at once. But that's not too much of an issue so yeah, image is fine!


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