Hearts and Roses

I think our nice summer is well and truly over now, there's even been flash floods the country over and the wind is whistling about out there, along with the heavy rain - there was no way I could have taken this photo outside, hence the bad angle and lack of head - as well as the glimpse of my room. All of which I've got to look forward to in Wales, I suppose! At least it snows sometimes too. Saying that, the sun burst through the clouds five minutes after I took this... grr. Tonight I went to a greek restaurant with Edd's family to celebrate his sister's and stepdad's birthdays - it was really nice except there was a dead fly in my chips. Ick.


  1. nice....like clashyness lol!!
    im trying to up my followers, pretty please can you link to my givaway??cos everyone loves you lol hahahah

    i love the subtifuge btw, i always take piccies of things in topshop, then go home and make own version lol


  2. I know what you mean, I'm only just starting to be brave enough to take pictures outside and now the weathers turning, but at least we get to wear our lovely Autumn clothes xxx


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