Outfit Post: Sailorette

Isn't this dress super cute? Looking at the photos I took, I wasn't convinced that is looked all that nice on me, but I love it anyway. It's quite heavy material, so it seems a lot more expensive than it was, if a little see-through(!) without a cami underneath. Today Edd's seeing his sister - who is back from Gibraltar for a few days - and I'm off to visit my Nan in Wales. Don't forget to enter my giveaway, only 5 days left!


  1. this dress really is super cute, how do you find these lovely things xxx

  2. love the dress but the black leggings seem a little to much n 2 heavy with this dress, navy patterned tights would look cute.
    love your blog.
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  3. Lovely dress! Thanks for the offer of the evans code-really sweet (and no, I didn't take offence, heehee). I have no money just now though so probably wouldn't use it. I really want one of those super expensive jolie julie dresses and they're currently reduced plus there's 20% off everything online so it would be £60 instead of £150 which is a total bargain (wonder if the code would work over and above that?-doubt it), but no money, grrr!

  4. Good bit of advice with white clothes: invest in a skin-tone bra & pants. Then you have no need for worry about see-through clothes and showing off your knickers hehe and it is super cute xxx


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