A Pink Kind Of Grey

It's lovely out today, what is wrong with the weather at the moment? It can't seem to make up it's mind right now, it's like it keeps switching from blustery autumn weather to mid-summer heat waves, so I'm dressing for both possibilities - a thin sun dress with jeans and a cardi. It's been ages since I've worn converse, and these are the only pair I have left but I had forgotten how comfy they are. I'll have to try them out with dresses and tights another time. Today I'm off to Worle (a village near where I live) for Edd to go get his hair cut and I'm going to have a quick charity shop trawl and post some ebay parcels. Edd's starting work at his mum's school (his mum is assistant head) as a TA for two weeks, which is really good experience as he wants to go into social work - plus he gets paid a good amount too! I really need to get into wearing accessories again at the moment, I always wear the same bag (even if it doesn't go) and I have a lovely jewellery tree full of pretty sparkly things that never get worn - so starting this week I'm really going to try and get some sparkle on me every day.

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