The Spotted Frock

Today was a really nice day, I went to Edd's sisters house for a little housewarming party/BBQ that she was having, which was really fun - lots of yummy food and quite a lot of Edd's family were there, all of whom were lovely, including his adorable two year old cousin who does a very cute dalek impression. I spent a lot of time washing up and dishing out food and helping make tea but I don't really mind, it's more like playing house than anything, the flat is so sweet and little and girly. So, in reflection of today's activities I've dressed cute but comfy - not so much Edd would be embarrassed of me (not that I've ever really been a trackie bottoms and hoodie kind of girl) but this will stand up to sitting on grass and being creased a little.


  1. polka dots are so cute. I love this dress. You've made it look so comfy with the leggings :)

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  3. Love this outfit! The dress is so cute! :)

  4. i love pairing dresses with leggings! the polka dot dress is adorable! :D cute blog!


  5. that dress is so cute. i like your new layout.


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