WANT: A/W Warmth @ Topshop

This year Topshop has the cutest (and cosiest looking) autumn-winter accessories range; I'm dying for that blanket cape, it could be worn so many ways! And you can never have too many Snoods (though I don't know how to pronounce it; is it snud or snooood?)


  1. I think it's snooooood with a long o sound - and I really want one too!

    I'm running competitions on my blog all week long, so do come and enter! ▲ WOLF WHISTLE ▲

  2. mmmm i love snoods.
    & god damn i need a cape this year!

  3. I love Topshop and I love the coat. I've been trying to look for a nice coat one for ages but have failed so far but I think you might have helped me out now =)


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