Xylophone Girl

Today I realised how long it had been since I'd just sat down and done some drawing, for no real purpose or reason, so today I decided to do just that. If I'm honest I'm pretty rusty with everything (especially drawing with a tablet), because I used to use it every single day and my skills seem to have degenerated over time, but never mind - it's something I still enjoy, so I'm happy. After a couple false starts I ended up drawing this cute lady clutching a xylophone. I want her hair. I think if I were in a band I would play the xylophone, or possibly the triangle. I have no musical talent whatsoever! ♥


  1. i want her hair too. and i would definitely play the cowbell in my band. i feel your lack of musical talent pain.
    cute picture!

  2. Very cute! I always wanted to play the xylophone but its super expensive!

  3. awww she is so cute! i want her rainbow xylophone hehe x


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