Autumn Owl.

So, first of all I couldn't find a winter coat ANYWHERE in my home town. New Look had one cute one, not in my size, and the same for Topshop. So this week I'll be going into Bristol, to look in River Island, Miss Selfridge etc. - I will find a perfect coat! But even though I didn't find the coat I wanted I got this super cute hat from Claire's accessories; it's shaped like an owl! It was weird buying it the other day because it was all blue sky and summer warmth. The night before last I was meant to be going to a party in honour of Sophie's boyfriend's birthday (and his brother's) but stupidly I decided to give their family cat a cuddle, after which I rubbed my eyes! Yes, I am allergic to cat hair and I am an idiot, but in my defence, I've never had that reaction before - eyes all swollen and red and bloodshot, I looked like I was about to turn into a zombie or something. Ick. So I ended up at home by 10pm. Yesterday I was pretty ok though, but today I woke up with swollen tonsils and its really sore and scratchy, so I'm pretty glad I'm not at Uni right now, though I'll probably get it again then - my tonsils seem to catch every infection and germ going, much to my annoyance, I wish they'd just take them out already! Oh, and this covers one of my autumn resolutions - accessorizing! So that's another one to cross off, I'm more than halfway through now.
{jumper: topshop, dress: primark via ebay £2, jeans: dorothy perkins, flats: topshop, hat: claires accessories}


  1. Cute hat! I hope you find a cute winter coat soon! And, oh, I'm sorry you're allergic to cat hair =(. I love cats so much!

    Have a nice week!


  2. totally wanting that hat right now! aww, must be horrid to be allergic :/ hope you find the perfect coat soon. i recently picked mine up in bristol's primark ;) they've got a big selection there - go check it out.

  3. Wow, such a lovely hat! My mum made an owl hat but without the flaps :)

  4. i so want that hat! eeek about the eye reaction to the kitty :(


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