Autumn Resolutions

So today I was thinking about my wardrobe - I'm not as bad as some people, I wear about 90% of it, but there are certain things that I buy and then never, ever wear. I want to resolve this so here is a little Autumn Resolution list for my clothing habits, which I am going to post here then stick over in the sidebar:
  • WEAR SOMETHING TIGHT-ISH - I have a couple sweater dresses than I never wear because they don't so much cling as follow the lines of my body, so I guess could be considered pretty unforgiving, or maybe I'm just overthinking when I do wear them because I'm used to wearing flouncy things that hide my shape.
  • ACCESSORIZE! - I always forget things like scarves, hats, jackets, jewellery... I have loads of all of them, and scarves especially will be useful as the weather gets colder - not to mention they can completely change up an outfit.
  • LAYER IT - It's getting colder and I normally freeze my ass off rather than put on something underneath what I'm wearing, because I'm always worried it'll make me look chunkier - tights are my only exception to this.
  • WEAR SOMETHING STRAPLESS - this never happens because I always consider strapless = going out somewhere fancy for some reason. Oh, and I have no strapless bras, as well as me being paranoid it'll slide down me.
  • CHANGE IT UP - when I put an outfit together around a dress/top and it works, I just do it the same every time I wear that dress, leaving loads of outfit possibilities out in the cold, for no real reason.
So over the next few months I'm going to try really hard to go by these rules at least once so I can cross them off - look out for them in future outfit posts. If you're like me and have things in your wardrobe that aren't what you'd normally wear try and make your own autumn fashion resolutions c:


  1. Also you have fab legs (like really slim - jealous!) so you could totally wear something tight by investing in some skinny jeans or jeggings! Tres useful :) xxx

  2. I'm totally guilty of wearing the same things the same way every time, too! Hmm, maybe I should take your idea and change it up ...

  3. I am exactly the same. I have scarves I never use and I always seem to wear the same things in the same way. I think I might have to consider some of your rules for my own

  4. samesies! I have so maany necklaces and earrings and scarves and shoes! but i just wear the same jeans and shirts.

  5. @Fushball - I do wear skinnies and leggings, just under dresses! I'm not bothered about my legs, but I have this inane wear of wearing anything shorter than over my crotch/bum... it's silly really.


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