Broderie Anglaise.

Today I'm off back to Edd's to help with packing. In case you haven't noticed, this had been one of my favourite dresses of the summer - so easy to wear! I probably wear it a bit too much. It's just a shame the bust is a little big, otherwise it would be perfect, but it's pretty good considering the price - my whole outfit cost just £2, not including postage. I spent this morning sorting out what I'm taking to University and what I'm leaving/chucking. My shoes are all packed up in shoeboxes, except for a couple essential pairs. What I don't take I pretty much have to get rid of as my little sister is having my room; hers is a lot smaller, so there won't be as much space for my things.
{dress: new look via ebay £1, shoes: primark £1}


  1. i have those shoes (:

    i hope the packing goes well - can't be easy. i'm so glad i'm taking a year out so i can de-clutter haha.

  2. £2 outfit! What a bloody bargain! x

  3. o packing! i think im moving again soon so im going to be packing too!
    thats a cute dress :)

  4. your new 'artistic' shots are turning out lovely my dear.

  5. that is a cute dress! :) i have a similar one in white! love the blog btw, now followin!! would love if you'd check my blog out & follow me bacK?

    ps- giveaway on oct9, jsut have to follow & comment on my blog :) xo

  6. Oh, what a darling little dress... You look wonderful :) xxx


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