Cold Day in Paris.

...well, sounds better than 'a cold day in weston-super-mare', doesn't it? and it reflects my dress, probably the poshest item in my wardrobe; I very rarely buy anything from topshop! I'm dressed for warmth today because not only is it chilly out but I'm going to a house party tonight to celebrate the birthday of Sophie's lovely boyfriend and his twin, which seems to undoubtedly lead to manhunt in a field somewhere. These boots are super comfy but not super practical, so I'll take my converse with me. Last time Edd managed to fall in a ditch and get covered head to toe in mud, wish I had a photo of that incident! This morning I'm going with Sophie to town and I'm going to get a new winter coat, I'm super excited about it ♥
{dress: topshop £10, jeans: dorothy perkins, cardi: new look, boots: next}


  1. Love the boots! A pair like these are on my fall wish list!

  2. Hope you have lots of fun and you find a super cool winter coat! =)

    It's funny to read everybody blogging about autumn when spring has just started here in Argentina, hehe.



  3. I totally adore your boots.. the color is so rich and they look so comfy!! great photos too

  4. Love the dress!

    I need some boots that 1.)Have no high heels, and 2.) fit my fat calves.
    Last year I was so excited to find some super cute "extended calf" boots, but I cant wear them for too long cause they have little heels.


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