Designed For Comfort.

[hoodie: newport university, horse print dress: primark via ebay, skinnies: next, raggedy old slippers: george@asda]
The weather is appalling and my room has no natural light whatsoever, so I drew my outfit for today. I'm still a bit icky, so this one's purely about comfort and warmth. Hopefully my Halls room will get better light - speaking of which, only ten days to go! I really can't wait now, It's so unfair when every else has been at University a week or so already.... We've been put into houses too, there are five and I'm in 'Red House', which sounds like the Gryffindor of Newport Uni to me! I would've preferred to be in Blue House though, Ravenclaw was always my favourite... haha, I was (am) such a Harry Potter geek. Still feeling like crud today though, didn't force myself out of bed until 11ish haha - there's not any real reason for me to get up though, we were meant to be going to Bristol yesterday but have again been delayed due to the fact my mum's car is still at the garage two days later than we should've picked it up...


  1. aw your outfit looks extra cute being drawn :)

  2. I know what you mean. I've been getting out of bed super late because I have nothing to do and have been out of a job for 3 months. I'm a lazy bum.
    (Although I've been applying for jobs every day)

  3. Cute outfit! I'm jealous, I never had to move to go to unviersity. I used to commute every day from home, hehe.


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