Garden Birds.

[dress: new look, cardi: new look via ebay, £1, shoes: peacocks]
I was round Edd's house today so I thought I'd take my photos in his lovely garden, hence the cute kitty in some of my shots; Maggie, one of Edd's family's two cats. She dribbled on my shoes, unfortunately, so they're now a little sticky, ew. Last night was brilliant, we met up with Sophie and her boyfriend for a meal, and then our other friend arrived and we had a few drinks, and a nice chat. I'm going to miss them all so much, but at least I'll be back for xmas in 2 months. Today was spent sorting out Edd's timetable for his first week at Uni, starting to pack and organise his things, figuring out what last bits and bobs he needs, and playing the Scott Pilgrim game, which he got on Xbox Live Arcade -it's awesome! c:


  1. Oh wow, these pictures are amazing.

  2. lovely photos (:
    and that dress looks so nice on you.

  3. :D I want to play the Scott Pilgrim game!

  4. Your dress is gorgeous!!!



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