Interior Cute.

I don't feel up to photos of myself at the moment, at the moment I'm wearing Edd's hoodie (which he insisted was only being lent to me, not for keeps. tch.) pretty much non-stop so they wouldn't make for very interesting outfit posts anyway. I'm missing him a lot, but he's having a great time so I'll snap out of it, hopefully sooner rather than later. So instead of abandoning the blog for a couple days, here's some gorgeous homey-type things I would buy, were my funds limitless;

from left to right: h&m, urban outiftters, ikea, matalan, cloth ears, tk maxx, next, m&s.


  1. i really like that blue cloud lamp and the door mat :D

  2. Love the clock! It's so pretty! And that cake stand is gorgeous, I've been looking for a nice one!

  3. Some lovely things here! I need that cake stand and mushroom lamp in my life!!


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