A Monochrome Kind Of Day.

These jeans were salvaged from my mum's room, from the pile that are going to the charity shop - these used to be mine but I gained weight and they didn't fit me, but now they fit again, hurray! I'm pretty chuffed about it to be honest - two free pairs of jeans. This cardi hasn't been worn in forever either, as it didn't use to do up... maybe I've gotten taller? Because the scales say I haven't lost any weight. Today we might be off up to Caerleon - where my Uni is - to have a look round the village, so long's it doesn't start raining. I'm quite looking forward to it.
{dress: tk maxx £11, jeans: dorothy perkins, cardi: ebay £5, flats: next}


  1. Aw, cute cardigan! I really like the new style of photos in your outfit posts as well. Have a good day if you do go to Caerleon. I'm jealous that you're going to be so close to Cardiff.

  2. I love the buttons of your cardigan, super cute.

    Yay! Congrats for wearing those old jeans again. Fitting in clothes we no longer used to fit in feels SO good. Unfortunately, I've gained weight and am still not able to wear a lot of my nice old clothes ...

    Have a nice day!



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