Purple & Grey.

There most likely won't be a post tomorrow, as I'm going up with Edd and his family to Staffordshire to help him move in. I can't believe he's going tomorrow! I'm going to miss him lots but it's such a great University for him even though it wasn't for me; he's studying to be a Social Worker. I love this dress so much and it was such a bargain considering were it's from, but I still wish I'd gotten a size down - it doesn't look too big in these photos but when you try to put something on top you can really tell it's too baggy. It didn't show up too well, but my tights are a lovely rich plum colour. Have you all noticed how much I love these boots yet? It seems I wear them every other day. In fact, there is another reasons for that; I got a bit overzealous with my packing and put away most of my shoes, leaving me with about three pairs and some slipper boots for the next three weeks. Expect a lot of these, my black flats and blue pumps for the next almost-month.
{dress: ASOS £6, tights: gift, boots: sugar shoes}

also, as per autumn resolution #5, this is a changed up outfit!
This is how I've worn this dress in the past;


  1. Pretty! Purple is my favorite color.

    Btw, I put your button on my blog cause I love you :)


  2. sweety, your blog is getting more and more awesome by the day!
    oh, I thought you and Ed would go to the same Uni ??

  3. @MarySew - I'm going to Newport and he's going to Staffordshire, they're 4 hours apart. It's pretty sad, but I figure if we can survive this we can survive anything! c:

  4. Love your boots! Sugar makes the best shoes, hands down.

    Fantastic dress without the sleeves, however it is a bit questionable with them. That said, at least you were able to give others a heads up. Great review!



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