Waistcoats Are Cool.

Sorry for the slightly dishevelled look, this was taken at the end of the day so I'd already been out shopping/dog walking/posting things, leaving me looking not so perfect (not that I look perfect normally, mind you!) I got my accommodation letter through from Newport, filled it out signed it etc. etc. and it's back in the post again. At least I know my room number now, so I can sort out my TV Licence and stuff. Also, Scott Pilgrim was absolutely amazing, I need to see it again! It's definitely up there with my favourite films at the moment, I'm itching to read the books now. I loved the way the comic-y elements were so seamless and most of all I adored Ramona and Knives' hair. I want half blue-hair now.


  1. Your going to Newport Uni? I was thinking of going there last year but decided to go for Hereford instead. What you studying? And I really want to see that scott pilgrim movie

  2. @Jass: I'm going to be studying Psychology and Counselling, what are you studying? c:

  3. love the colour of that waistcoat!



  4. I'm studying photography its quite a good course


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