Black Lace, Grey Roses

I really adore this dress (thanks mum!) but I'm not entirely sure if it suits me... something about how the waist sits on me, the length of the skirt... I'm not sure, but It'll probably grow on me over time! Can you tell I'm liking yellow cardigans at the moment? Hehee c: today freshers is officially over, so I'm like every other student; I have two lectures to attend later on and an assignment to start, I feel sooo grown up!
{dress: g21@asda £14, cardi: h&m, tights: h&m £12.99 (for two), boots: asda £20}


  1. Aw, I think the dress looks lovely on you. I just love your yellow cardi too, you've got me thinking I need to get my hands on one! Good luck with your first year of uni. How are you finding Newport?

  2. I think that dress looks REALLY nice - especially with the Cardi. x

  3. I love the dress, it's interestingly combined :) Thanks to you I also fell for yellow cardis and have already bought one :)

  4. That dress really suits you!



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