Clashing Colours.

I'm completely in love with this cardigan, my mum got it for me from H&M the other day and it's just the perfect colour. I decided on a bright colour palette today, so I combined the mustard yellow with pastel blue, deep purple and pale pink. I think it creates a nice effect, but I might be mistaken. In other news, I'm off to University this weekend, it's so soon now!
{dress: new look via ebay 99p, cardi: h&m £9.99, tights: ???, flats: topshop, necklace: primark £1.50}


  1. love that first photo! The lighting is perfect!

  2. That cardigan goes perfectly with the dress! Good luck with moving into university this weekend, I hope you have a great time.

  3. I love your pictures. the cardigans looks so great with the dress!


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