Leopard Print on a Sunny Day

Last night I received a lovely email from a girl called Kate saying how much she liked my blog. I only got it this morning and it really brightened up my morning, I've never received 'fan mail' before! The other thing that helped brighten my mood was the ASOS sale; I ordered one thing (because I am skint trying to be good with my money) and it was this dress in the green - doesn't it look just perfect for autumn? Today I have a hairdressers appointment, and luckily the hairdressers is right next to the library so I might go nab a couple books to read - I've read all my own books several times over.
{dress: new look via ebay 99p, leggings: next, cardi: new look via ebay 99p, boots: asda £20}


  1. youre so so pretty! i love your look! x

  2. This is such a lovely outfit, so pretty. Leopard print is my favourite :D

    Lauren xx
    Pocket Rocket

  3. I've been on the ASOS sale too! But i had to close the page cos i really can't afford it :(
    Lovely dress you've picked though! xo

  4. I know I've probably already said that but I'm really in love with all your dresses and cardis and I adore the way you can mix them :)

  5. I love the leopard and pink mix! Insanely jealous of your leopard cardigan. I want one so bad!



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