Moss Green.

My dad visited today and brought this dress with him, that I ordered off of ASOS a little while ago. I'm not entirely sure yet, but I think I like it. It's really comfy and the neckline is nice and low without being too low. The material is lovely too. I've settled in really well at Uni so far, obviously it's still really scary and alien but I've been out most nights doing things with my flatmates, hence the lack of posting; sorry! When I'm into some sort of proper routine posts will be regular again.
{dress: asos, £6, tights: asda, boots: asda, £20}


  1. i think this dress is very very lovely on you!

  2. is that a Daleck on your poster? <3

    the dress looks lovely on you! the color suits you so well

  3. I'm glad you're having a good time, and I can't wait to properly hear about what you've been getting up to. I miss the first year of university so much!

  4. I was just wondering if you were going to make another post soon and here it is! I love the dress, you look cute in it :)


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