The Negative.

Isn't this dress gorgeous? If you think you've seen it before on my blog you'd be right, even though I got it in the post today - it's like the negative version of this dress... though I wouldn't go so far as to say the 'evil' version c: Hopefully we're off to Primark today, to have a bit of a look round. I really want to get some long-sleeve tops to wear under my dresses, but we'll see - it's my last weekend home before I start University, which is super weird. Also, I made a formspring. Purely experimental, to see if anyone cares enough to ask me questions! So, you can ask me anything (within reason) by clicking here c:
{dress: primark via ebay 99p, cardi: tk maxx, leggings: next, boots: next}


  1. I love your new blog background! So cute.

  2. Hello...I just found your blog...super cute..and I love the print on your dress...looks fabulous:)

    Looking forward to seeing more...Im your newest follower:)

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  3. i just found your blog too through claire's blog, i love it! your photos are really nice.

  4. Just found your blog via "French for cupcake"- it's very cute! I love your ragdoll cuties. Considering getting one of me - although I need to find a pic I like first. Keep up the super blog!

  5. I love your outfit/blog! Now following :) xo

  6. I have this dress in the white & blue - I swapped it with a friend who it didn't suit - but I love it even more in this colourway! Too cute.



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