New Trend: A/W Velvets

I adore this season's velvet trend, I've always liked velvet (back when I was a little bit goth and wore a long velvet skirt and doc martens to school) but now it's a lot more mainstream it's a lot more easy to find; the only fault is I haven't yet seen anything that's quite my style. Please, let me know if you see any affordable skater or 1950s style velvet dresses. In the meantime, though these looks aren't quite 'me' (though I could probably rock the New Look flippy skirt with some thick tights and sweet brogues...) they're very cute, and encapsulate the velvet trend without being too focussed around one colour or fabric;


  1. I'm liking the velvet trend too! I'm a little picky about it though! I like dark velvet, I've seen some bright red velvet dresses, and I don't know, they seem a little over the top!

    I ordered THIS the other day! Waiting to see what it's like in the flesh!!

  2. I love the skirt and the first thought I had about it was that it looks like you :))

  3. that new look outfit is adorable. id wear that in a heartbeat!

  4. I love that topshop top!



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