This Week's Lust After: Cold but Cute.

This week I've been thinking about my move to Wales, and how much colder (and snowier!) it's going to get compared to where I am now, so my lust after list is inspired by the much colder weather I'll be facing in a couple months;
1. Cardigan, H&M, £14.99 | 2. Armwarmers, Accessorize, £14 | 3. Velvet Leggings, Dorothy Perkins, £19.50
4. Bow Jumper, George @ ASDA, £12.50 | 5. Fairisle Bag, New Look, £29.99 | 6. Tweed Coat, Miss Selfridge, £80
7. Bunny Hat, River Island, £12.99 | 8. Tartan Snood, Topshop, £16 | 9. Art Deco Ring, ASOS, £8


  1. I actually have an obsession with animal print, be it zebra, leopard, tiger etc.
    I WANT that cardi!
    Plus i love that fairisle bag, such a cute print!


  2. i love h & m animal print cardis.
    i've lived in my red leopard print one for like the past three years. hope the move to uni goes well sweet (:

  3. Wales really isn't much colder than England, honest! More rainy, perhaps, but colder, no. Where are you moving from?

  4. Emma - I'm moving from Somerset, and I know it won't be much colder but it will if it snows! My nan lives near the Uni and it snows quite a lot in the winter where she is.... I've got snow once in the 12 years I've lived where I am now! xx

  5. 1 & 7 = AWESOME!

    This is making me miss winter already! It's starting to warm up here!

  6. Love the animal print cardi, good luck for your move to Wales! xxx

  7. I love the top with the bow on it! So cute! You have great style :)

  8. You have picked out some gorgeous items :)
    Loving the hat and that lovely red bag!


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