WANT: Grey Day Chic

I apologise for the lack of posting recently, first of all my SD card broke (with photos on! boohoo) and then I was ill, and I doubt it would be interesting for you guys to see me in my butterfly PJs and Newport Hoodie, so yes outfit posts will resume soon, if not when I feel 100% at least when I feel 75% c: In the meantime, here's some cute garments I'm considering for the grey days ahead of us this winter (and the grey days right now too);
1. h&m dress, £9.99 | 2. dorothy perkins balloon jumper, £29 | 3. river island belt, £19.99 | 4. g21 leopard jeggings, £7
5. miss selfridge victorian boots, £80 | 6. new look fairisle backpack, £14.99 | 7. topshop knitted beanie, £14


  1. that h&m dress is reduced now!! ooooh. i tried it on in a size 10 and it was a bit big and they had no 8 so i was sad *scurries over to the h&m website*...

  2. i love that dress and yay for it now being reduced! i must go get it XD
    that balloon jumper is so cute

  3. I saw that jumper in DP yesterday and thought it was really cute too. That beanie is awesome as well (you've got me into yellow thanks to that lovely cardi of yours!). And that bag? I need it in my life!

  4. Ooh, the boots are so lovely. I neeeeed them now!

  5. I totally love the 1 and 2! You always have such great picks!

  6. I love that jumper.
    I feel I need more cosy jumpers as it's sooo cold now! Winter is definately setting in.

    PS. Have you seen the bags in River Island that are along the same lines as that belt? I think they look really plush. I don't know what it is about them.



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