Cold Weather Pastels

When it's chilly and miserable outside, what better than pretty pastels and cute florals to brighten up your day? c: I get my results back from my first essay today so I definitely need some cheering up. A bit a confidence would help, too! It hasn't snowed since our snow day but it is predicted all week, which I'm quite excited for. I love snow, even if I don't love the icky slippery iciness afterwards. I was inspired to wear this dress again by the lovely Jass who also owns it and looks too cute in it ♥
{dress: topshop £10, cardi: new look, tights: h&m, tights (underneath): primark, belt: primark £3,
necklace: primark, nails: 17 pink grapefruit and fairy cake, pumps: primark £2}


  1. Cool outfit, I particularly like the accessories you chose :). Best luck with your essay! I'm sure you did great!

  2. I have given you a blog award over at my blog!!


    (Chanel giveaway when I hit 100 followers)

  3. This is a really ladylike outfit. I love it. I'm really liking that belt too. I really don't want snow :/ Hope you enjoy yours though if you get some. Have a lovely week.

  4. Very cute and feminine! I love the nails, reminds me of valentines day =]

  5. Lovely outfit, I especially like the belt!

  6. I really like pastels in the winter too! Loving what I've seen so far on your blog... so many cute dresses and cardigans! Also, I always like alternating colour nail polish!


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