Daisies in the Snow

It snowed last night, I'm so excited! It was really heavy flakes though not that much of it stuck unfortunately; but being the mature, grown-up students we are my flatmates and I went outside to play in it last night, hehe c: It hardly ever snows, so this winter is going to be so exciting for me! Today my flatmates and I are meant to be going up to Cardiff for shopping (excited! apparently there is a huuuge primark!), assuming the weather stays OK, so I'm dressing a little practical; Converse with grip and a bodysuit under my dress, and I swapped out tights for jeans.
{dress: topshop £23, body: topshop outlet £3, jeans: DPs, converse: ??, necklace: made from charm}


  1. ahhh so excited <333
    you know what i think of this dress already,
    (basically i want to steal it!) <3

  2. what a pretty dress <3


  3. aw im jealous as theres been no snow here :(
    have fun shopping! x

  4. It's always so fun when it snows! here we can't really expect any until January- but I am already anticipating it

  5. love this dress and thanks for the coomment on my blog the same dress looks nice on you as well.

  6. Love the flower print on this dress! You look fantastic!

  7. Oooo I want that dress! gorgeous :)

  8. OMG CARDIFF. I heard there was a Doctor Who museum there, is this true?!

    p.s. I love your dress. :D

  9. @Meg!: YESSS there is ^_^ I haven't been yet but my parents have and I'm planning on going someday c: x


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