Feeling Black and Blue

I don't wear this dress often enough; it has the most lovely sticky-outy skirt with layers of tulle but I'm just not keen on the top of it - which is easily solved with a buttoned cardi. Last lectures of the week today, then I'm going to work a bit more on my essay for abnormal psychology. I was proud of myself yesterday, I managed a very productive 500 words easily c: Photobucket seems to be super glitchy this morning, not showing pictures half the time, so these photos are temporarily hosted on flickr...
{dress: new look via ebay 99p, cardi: h&m £10, tights: topshop outlet £1, necklace: topshop £1, bracelet: primark 40p, skull pumps: primark £2}


  1. wow bargain outfit! i loved this dress when it was in the sale in new look but they didn't have my size :( x

  2. cute combo with the dark blue tights <3


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