Green and Gold.

This dress is perfect for colder days, because of the longer sleeve and hem length. The thin-ness of it also makes it easier to pair with something underneath, so I'm wearing a tank-style black body too to keep warm, it's pretty chilly here today! Hence I'm wearing leggings instead of my new tights that I was planning on wearing... This necklace is new, though, isn't it adorable? I couldn't resist it, sparkly and cupcake-shaped ♥
{dress: ASOS £6, leggings: next, boots: ASDA £20, necklace: primark £1.50, nails: 17}


  1. i love this dress, the pleats are really lovely and so is the colour :)

  2. this dress looks great on you, i love the colour.

  3. Love the cupcake necklace but what I really want to know is where you got that awesome apple hoodie that's hanging up in the background.


  4. Haha, I was just admiring the apple hoodie in the background too! That necklace is super cute. And such a bargain too.


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