Leopard and Tulle

I adore this dress. It used to be my sister's, but she gave it to me. Can you believe it's a child size? It must have some stretch in it. Also, I forgot to shut the bathroom door so the light decided to get in on the action, hence the weird glow by my neck; it's not a tiny fairy or anything (though that would be awesome, I'm tempted to photoshop a zelda-style one in, hehe!) Also, last day to enter my giveaway so please don't forget or you might miss out ^_^ and speaking of my giveaway, would you like me to do a video post to present the winner? please let me know ♥
{dress: H&M kids, tights: primark £1, cardi: H&M, necklace: topshop}


  1. Love tulle....you rocked this one:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Spotted Moth Giveaway♥

  2. video post! <3
    p.s you look prettyful :)

  3. Jo says to tell you she didn't GIVE you that dress, its only a lend! LOL.

  4. i used to love shopping in h&m kids, don't think anything will fit me now! oh well. that necklace is very nice, i love laser cut plastic necklaces.

  5. I love that cardigan sooo much! It's perfect!


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