Military Girl

There's something I love about this dress. Individually, the combination of black and khaki, the exposed zipper and the military theme would not be something I would go for. But all together I like it a lot. I handed in my first essay today, I'm so scared~!
{dress: internacionale, cardi: h&m, jeans: dorothy perkins, pumps: primark £2}


  1. I hope your essay went well (:

  2. I thought I recognised that dress (I work there :)). Oh, I hope our essay went well :)

  3. dont be scared youve done great xxx

  4. I love your dresses!!good luck ;)

  5. I'm sure you did great in that essay! Best luck :).

  6. I love your blog! I have pretty much the same taste in clothes as you (because it seems that I own the some of the same clothes as you)! I love your blog! Totally going to follow!

    Would love for you to have a wee sneek peek over at mine and see what you think!



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