Today my lovely flatmate Rosie is using me for one of her projects on her course, street fashion photography. What I'm actually wearing today won't be seen as I'm going to wear a coat over the top but it's exciting all the same! If she'll let me I will post some of the photo up here. Also, you may have noticed the 'eyeko ambassador' button in the sidebar. >> It's actually well worth you clicking that link if you're planning to buy things from eyeko anyway, as you get a free gift if you spend £10! So that means if you spend £15, two free gifts! I think so, anyway c:
{dress: new look via ebay 99p, tights: h&m two for £12, cardi: george at ASDA}


  1. Love todays outfit! Looks awesome! That is pretty cool what your flatmate is doing for a project!! With the Eyeco Ambassador thing I think you only get 1 free gift.


  2. Ah, thanks c: because it says free gift when you spend £15 on the site anyways but I wasn't suuuure x

  3. I so love this dress! Also curious about the project :P


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