Pop of Yellow

I got this dress through the post yesterday along with another, so exciting! I love it, it just has sooo much skirt and would look amazing with a petticoat (or a few!) underneath for a 50's modern look. It would also look great in the summer without something on top but unfortunately it being the end of autumn in Wales it's pretty cold so thick tights and cardi it is. I finished my essay for Counselling Theory yesterday and handed it in, only one left before Christmas and that's for Abnormal Psychology. I'm excited to be done for the holidays, though I do also have an exam coming up for Facilitation Skills, eep! c:
{dress: primark via ebay 99p, cardi: tk maxx, tights: H&M, necklace: topshop £2, pumps: primark £2}


  1. Such a cute dress. Your petticoat idea would look amazing too! And I've just gotta say, I loved your mention of Final Fantasy in your last post (FF geek right here, haha).

    Good luck with your assignments. :)

  2. soo jealous of the necklace, i really want one of those!! <3

  3. Adorable dress!! I love Primark :) xo


  4. I'm reeeally happy you've put my dress on here. Am glad it arrived safely! It looks amazing on you & I'm pleased its found a better home!! xx

  5. Oh wow, that dress is so pretty :)
    P.s congratulations on having 200+ followers even if it is a bit late of me to say this! You have a super blog so well worth all those lovely people following you ^_^

  6. Pretty dress!
    And I "love" the necklace. hehe :)

  7. I have that dress! :)
    Love your blog! xx

  8. I am planning on going down a more 50s inspired look when I next change my wardrobe! I love it!


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