This Week's Lust After: Cosy Layering

Brr, it's actually getting cold here in Newport though it's still sunny a lot too, so I suppose it could be worse! It's the crisp, biting cold that's still kind of nice and fresh as opposed to the soggy autumn-y cold; I don't think we really got a proper autumn this year, how odd. So here's some cute, layer-able fashion that would keep you cosy all the way through to winter...
1. Skater Dress, Matalan, £14 | 2. Check Shirt, H&M, £12.99 | 3. Knit Earmuffs, Miss Selfridge, £5.50
4. Knit Leggings, New Look, £6 | 5. Bunny Hooded Scarf, River Island, £32.99 | 6. Faux Fur Hand Muff, Topshop, £20


  1. I give my love to the awesome bunny hooded scarf and the skater dress!

  2. loving the little hand muff haha x

  3. 32.99 for a scarf & hat!? yikes! it is gorgeous though <3


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