Changing Room Subterfuge, The Return Of.

Since I was in town on my own this morning, I figured I'd do a CRS! Something I've not done in absolutely ages I know, silly me c: This time my travels took me to the Topshop Outlet and H&M...

The first dress is a pretty patterned maxi dress. First thought I had upon trying to try it on is 'I feel like a sausage!' I look slightly like one too, ick. I'm not designed for clothes that tight and clingy. This was £7 in the outlet. The other dress was from the topshop/christopher kane collection and who can say no to bright neon yellow? With control pants it would have looked ok if it weren't for the weird underboob window. I don't know why anyone would want to show off the bottom of their bra! This was £5 in the outlet.

This first dress was just way too cute on the hanger! And the back is elasticated, so win-win. However, it's not even dress length on me. I'm pretty sure even people who wear microminis would flinch at wearing this out. The bust was boned too, which made it a little tight and caused a 'flattening' effect. This was £10 in the sale. The middle dress was just gorgeous, it's a brighter orange than it looks and I probably needed the size 16, not 14, but unfortunately with my hair it created a clown type effect. A cute very well dressed clown, though c: In another colour it would have been perfect. It's £19.99 full price. The final dress had a really weird fit; the shoulders were odd in that I couldn't really lift my arms up! There was elastic at the back but it was too low down so it just flipped over itself making the skirt stand out in an unflattering way. This was £10 in the sale. What do you guys think of them? c:


  1. I am loving the middle H&M dress!! love it!!

    Blog SALE!

  2. lovelovelove the flowery one, shame your so tall ;)
    suppper cute in the middle one, not like a clown at all!!!! xx

  3. i just discovered your blog and I'm so glad I did! Your nail art is genius!! Batman FTW

    you just got yourself a new follower :)


  4. I love the middle one from H&M! Cute, cute!

  5. All the dresses at H&M look great. The first "dress" is oh-so adorable! Too bad it's short. I agree with you on dress number 2 from H&M, another color and it would look fantastic!

  6. I think you look beautiful and non-clown like in the second H & M dress.

  7. I have tried that very bright yellow dress on as well! Purely to mock it! I mean how could they ever think that it was a good idea? lol.

    I like the dresses but I feel through all your other photos you have nicer clothes :) xx

  8. I have the first dress! It's shamefully short, but I put a fitted skirt underneath so it's all good. =]


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