Christmas Before Christmas

The boyfriend and I exchanged presents the other day, since tomorrow he is off to France with his family to spend Christmas there. Which is kind of sad, but at least I got to see him before he went, anyway. This is also the reason for lack of outfit posts over the last few days; I've been spending time round his (we've been mostly playing Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare which is really good!) hence no real photos. As per my feedback from my last post though, I did set up a little sponsor thingy with prices I think are reasonable; just over there on the sidebar or follow the link here. So, here's what my lovely boyf got me;
Gorgeous and crazy expensive earrings! I love them, they are so sweet and steampunk-y ^_^

The Zombie Survival Guide. More of an essential than a gift, really.
This thing will be read until it's dog-eared and decrepit.


  1. I need that book! I always have a feeling that we could turn into zombies one day!!!!!


  2. I have that book and it is AMAZING!

  3. These are super duper presents! Tehe, got to love the zombie survival guide :D
    Give us all some tips when you have finished reading?!

  4. cuuuuuute presents :))
    love the earrings, beautifulll! :)

  5. the earrings are lovely and you can wear them with loads of things, good present! x

  6. Cute earrings!!! And I totally bought that book for my friend for Christmas! Woohoo! :)

  7. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! you have such perfect taste!

  8. My bf played R.D.R. non-stop for a while. lol


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