So I went and spent a massive chunk of my Christmas money yesterday, which is naughty of me but one thing I cannot resist is dresses! I ended up buying two yesterday and two (if you include the primark might-be-dress-probably-tunic) the day before! I'm a dress addict, I swear, I own so many now. I suppose there are worse things to be addicted to, though.... So as 2010 comes to a close I've been thinking about my blog. Is there anything you guys don't like about it, or any features I should do more? Perhaps more photos per outfit? I don't know. Some opinions would really help c:
{dress: topshop £26, tights: asda, cardi: h&m, mary janes: doc martens}


  1. pretty dress! and love your new hair colour :) i love your blog, you have an amazing collection of dresses x

  2. I love your dresses through many post Ive seen, I'll be putting my eye on ur blog more frequently, since this is the first time I visit, oh and I loved your aqua green hair color <3 xoxo

  3. Love the dress!!! I love everything about your blog so I have no complaints! I am thinking of doing something new with mine though!



  4. Love your new hair colour. I went to Accessorize in Cwmbran today and got loads of bargains.
    There is stargazer dye in New Look for £2, pink and purple.
    What you're doing is great and you take pictures up close so you can see the detail and pattern in the dress. Some bloggers do a weekly/monthly feature like a tutorial or spotlight on other bloggers. You can always give something a go and if it doesn't suit you then try something else :) x

  5. LOVE that dress with your new hair!
    You look absolutely lovely my dear :)

  6. ooh I like this dress, I'd seen it in the yellow & navy colourway but not with red flowers. I think I prefer this one. Matches your hair too :)

  7. Your daisy dress with the peter pan collar is way cute. I am always amazed at how you managed to picked up 99p dresses from eBay. A dress with a cardi is my favourite combination when the weather's not too hot for me.

  8. I love that floral dress! It also makes a good combination with the yellow cardigan.



  9. I'm a bit of a dress addict too! They've just grown on me so much this year! I like your blog as it is just saying! :)

  10. Eee, your hair is such a pretty colour ^_^


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