Disheveled & Mini Blog Sale

What do you think of my sexy, unwashed hair look? Haha. I've been trying really hard to get past wanting to wash my hair everyday but it's pretty difficult; even with dry shampoo in I feel a bit, I don't know, unclean. I've had short hair for ages and ages so I'm so used to washing every day. But if I want my hair dye to last that can't happen :p Some of the ends have gone brown-ish because the bleach didn't quite take enough so I'm going to bleach them again before I dye again. I'm also thinking about sticking some purple or blue dye over the top too. What's your hair routine?
{dress: new look via ebay 99p, cardi: h&m, jeans: DPs, shoes: converse sneakers}

Also, I am going to be slightly cheeky here and advertise something for sale on my blog. I got this lovely H&M dress for a bit more than I normally would on eBay due to seeing how cute and vintage-y it is, and imagine my dismay when I got it in the post today and it was obviously more of a 12 than a 16! The previous owner didn't even wear it, just washed it so it must have been shrunk. But essentially it's still a brand new size 12-14 dress. I'm thinking of selling it for maybe £5 plus P&P (which would be like £1.50, though international would be more!) c: email me (there's a link on the sidebar) if you would be interested....


  1. i just want to leave you a message about something is it okay if i do a post about your ragdolls for my college work were looking at almost fashion like drawings they will be up on my blog hope thats okay :) comment on one of my posts just letting me no :)

    cheers lovely x

  2. is that a neon green bunny scarf in the back? (I have that one in neon pink x) )
    I have super long hair so washing it every day would be a major pain in the behind. I wash it every 2-3 days. I use dry shampoo from time to time if I want to feel freshed up in between. it saved the color (but does nasty things to your hair, though). that is the curse with having colorful hair, it won't last too long and you always have to re-dye.
    love the outfit an your hair looks not at all unclean on the picture :) I think you just need to get used to the feelig.

  3. Love your nails and the colour of your looks awesome!

  4. i love your hair colour so much, but with stargazer dye there's no way you can wash your hair everyday with it! i wash mine twice a week to try and keep the colour in. your dress suits you so well x

  5. I "know" you aren't supposed to wash your hair everyday, but it is so hard to hold off and have hair that doesn't look like, well, bedhead...
    cool site!

  6. Too bad you can't wear that dress, its adorable! I love the print on it. The colors that your wearing go soooo good together (the yellow and blue) I'm gonna have to try that! I just wash my hair every other day, my hair is really short also, but it's not dyed.

  7. Love that dress, your tattoo is gorgeous too.
    I have to wash my hair every day as well, it's annoying that dye doesn't last that long. Your colour is fantastic though!

  8. gahh thats soo annoying about your hair, i wish that it lasted longer :(
    i have to wash my hair every other day or it gets greasy, even with dry shampoo :) x

  9. love your hair girly :)
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx
    take a peek at my $100 gift card giveaway while you're at it!

  10. RAI!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY BLOG SALE STARTED OVER AT MINE!! Just letting you know... hahaha


  11. Oh wow I had a hard time getting used to washing my hair every few days or so, but once you get a routine down you will be good. I also tend to wear my hair in hats when it gets bad as well.

    Sorry about the dress, but it looks pretty! If it were my size I would buy it from you!

  12. It's a nice dress! Sadly it's not my size or I would have snapped it up!

    I used to dye my hair black and washed it every day as I just HAD to have clean my hair is brown (am going blonde again next yeat) so I'm using semi-perm dyes for the time being. I wash mine about every 3 days, ro as long as I can get away with it really. Colour washes out v.quickly :(

  13. My little hair washing trick is that sometimes I just wash the front bang section. Much less time to dry!


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