It's snowing! I'm so excited! I imagine for other people in the UK this would be a subject of lots of moaning and eye-rolling, but down in the South West we don't really get that much, so it's still something different ^_^ It's snowing out there right now and there's already a fairly thick blanket. Part of me wants it to carry on all weekend, but the other part of me is worried whether Edd will be able to get home if it carries on... it's a long journey from Stoke. It's nice being home again though, I missed my family and the doggies and I can't wait to see Edd again before he goes to France ♥
{dress: peacocks, cardi: new look via ebay, tights: h&m, boots: gift}


  1. It feels weird having this much snow in Somerset doesn't it?!

  2. cute cute cute outfit))

    And I'm as well excited about the snow here in NL although it took me 1,5h to get to work instead of usual 35 minutes.. I think I'm gonna post some pics of the OMGsnow!

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  3. You look so cute in the snow! We had a nice little blanket of it yesterday as well, and while I was cozy at home, I was worried about my fellow on the road!

  4. Cute cardigan!


  5. Love the outfit my dear! we have loads of snow here and unfort i have been moaning about it! lol x

  6. So cute!!! I love your hair with, well pretty much everything you wear! haha.

    I really wish it would snow here, but I guess it is pretty rare for Tokyo too :(

  7. You look so adorable!! Those boots are the CUTEST, and they look so comfy. I don't care what people say about ugg-like boots, they're comfy as all hell and I will wear them if I like. Secondly, I completely disagree about short hair and dangly earrings! I think danglies look best with short hair, I want to cut mine just so my earrings will be shown off. Dude. You gotta start wearing dangly earrings, you must!


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