of Shorts and Sequins

I cannot get enough of this dress, I'm so glad I grabbed it when I had the chance as I feel it's going to be a wardrobe staple all year round! I love everything about it from the 'secret' embroidered tattoo pattern, the sequins on some of the flowers, the hook and eye bust. Almost-perfection in dress form ♥
{dress: river island via ebay £1.70, cardi: george@asda, tights: primark x2, shoes: converse}

Last night I clicked on over to Frocks and Frou Frou and saw her new post in which she talks about wearing shorts or control pants under dresses to avoid 'chub rub'. All I can say is, snap! Admittedly though part of the reason I wear them is I have trouble getting tights in my size, so I end up wearing these in an attempt to keep them up all day; it seems to work, too! My shorts are normally made from cheapo primark leggings or those 'control' leggings you can get from peacocks or asda because they stay in place all day. So now you know c;


  1. the colour of that dress looks amazing on you!

  2. I do EXACTLY the same! I wear what I like to call 'suck in pants' over my tights to keep up my leggings or tights!! Its a pain in the rear when your crotch of your leggings or tights are at your knees!! hahaha


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  3. Haha, I'm glad Im not the only one who wears shorts over my tights! My legs are long, so tights never want to stay up unless I wear shorts. Plus I just like the extra security (and warmth!) I used to wear some hideous bright blue spandex biking shorts, but my boyfriend claimed they were "too lame" so I found a black pair at goodwill XD

    I LOVE that dress by the way! It is so fab, and looks AMAZING on you!

  4. What a cute dress and it looks super cute on you. I do the shorts thing too.

  5. You look great in this dress, the hook and eye is my favorite part! I do the same thing with my tights, putting some sort of barrier there so they don't fall all day makes my life 100 percent better!!

  6. This dress is so flattering on you! Love the floral print as well. Oh, if only all of us were as lucky as to find the perfect dress that inspired us to want to wear it always!

  7. This dress looks fab on you! It also works really well with the cardigan!

  8. New Look inspire range do great tights that are nice and long and big. I don't like paying £5 a pair but I pick up a few pairs when they are in the sale x


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