Outfit: Purple

I got these jeans yesterday in Blue Banana, aren't they awesome? I think they really bring out the purple in my top as well.

Top: New Look, £6
Jeans: Blue Banana, £15
Bracelet: Blue Banana, £3

WANT: Belts

Outfit: Indie Chic

I got this dress in the post today from eBay, and I couldn't resist wearing it straight away! It's so cute, and a little big for me so it hides all the unsightly lumpy bits :3

Dress: Evans via eBay, £1
Leggings: Next, £?
Bracelet: Ji Ji Kiki, £?
Ring: eBay, £1.80 for 3

WANT: Crown Necklace

Fashion Inspiration: Rachel from 'Glee'

Recently I've been watching Glee, since it appeared on e4, though not religiously, just on and off. The time I do spend watching it mostly I stare at Rachel's clothes and think 'I want to be wearing that right now'. Preppy and cute!

Outfit: Floral

Hey, a new outfit post! I haven't posted in a while because I've been boring, wearing the same comfy clothes over and over. Today I decided to do something a bit different.

Top/Dress: New Look, £5
Leggings: Next, £?
Necklace: Gift from BF

Forever 21: Cute

These kind of sites make me wish I lived in America/Didn't have to risk paying massive customs bills to get these clothes! Maybe one day, when I'm very rich...


Steampunk, Lolita and Cybergoth. I want to be these girls!

WANT: Casual Steampunk

Hat - New Look
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Belt - Topshop
Bracelets - New Look
Shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Trousers - New Look
Boots - Schuh

Music: Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn is a not-too-long-ago discovered singer, who I listened to a little when I was really into Steampunk (and I think I'm heading that way again now!) and recently I've started listening to her again. She has a really amazing voice and her songs are alternative without being tuneless or screamo.

New Webcomic Alert: Cleopatra in Spaaace!

It's not often I read new webcomics, mostly because I'm awful at waiting and like reading and re-reading comic archives in the meantime. However, I came across Cleopatra in Spaaace! today and it has such an awesome feel to it that I'm not willing, but ok with waiting a couple days for each page to come out. The art style is awesome.

Outfit: Mixing Patterns

I've never really mixed patterns before, so I though I'd start off with something relatively easy; dark and light! The check shirt (courtesy of my lovely BF) and argyle tights look quite nice together... The shirt is awesome, but with the huge swathes of material at each side I keep getting stuck on doorhandles XD

Top: Gift from BF
Shorts: New Look, £20
Tights: Gift from BF's mum

WANT: Quilted Bags

WANT: New Look Dresses

Outift: Job Interview

I have an interview at superdrug today, and this is what I'm wearing, but with the cardi done up to cover my tattoo. Wish me luck!

Dress: Topshop via eBay, £3
Cardi: TK Maxx, £?
Tights: ASDA, £3

5 Things...

... that are pink! I'm really into girly things at the moment, and here are some pink things I would love to own:

If I Had £100...

I know I've done a post like this before, but this is like my own personal little wishlist. Plus, it's really fun to do!

[Tokyo Top - £20 - Topshop / Anchor Cardigan - £25 - New Look / Shorts - £12 - Peacocks /
Leopard Tights - £8 - Dorothy Perkins / Jersey Pumps - £15 - Miss Selfridge /
Quilted Purse - £6 - Matalan / Rabbit Necklace - £3 - Blue Banana]

Work, Work, Work

Spent today trudging around town handing out CVs. I received, and handed back, 3 application forms and I've got one more to fill in. I was planning on going to the JobCentre but it was shut so blah. Also filled out an online application for Vision Express. Finding work is harder than actually working! No outfit post today, because I'm wearing a boring 'possible-employer-friendly' outfit which is basically the same as this. Also, 100 posts! yay!

Outfit: Mellow Yellow

This is one of the skirts I bought on eBay, isn't it cute? It was 99p, new with tags, but the price tag (left on from when it was bought new) said £25! bargain much? Today I printed off CVs in preparation for going into town tomorrow. Eek! My place at Newport is now confirmed, though, so that's good :3

Top: New Look, £5
Cardigan: TK Maxx, £?
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins via eBay, 99p
Tights: Matalan, £3

Bonus Photo!

My mum hijacked my personal photoshoot today! Bad mum.

Outfit: Dressy

A bit dressy and a bit floral. I quit college today, and I'm pretty happy about it. I've also gotten some Photoshop-based work to do over the weekend(!) and then onto job hunting! :D

Top/Dress: New Look, £4
Leggings: Next, £?
Domokun Necklace: Ji Ji Kiki, £?

Spending Monies

I am a little eBay obsessed at the moment! These are the things I've bought over the past few days...
  • Atmosphere Nautical Tote Bag
  • Primark Waist Belt
  • Topshop Lady Print Ra Ra Dress
  • Dorothy Perkins Mustard Pleat Mini Skirt
Nothing for more than £5, as well! I think overall I spent about £12. For four things! I can't wait to incorporate them into my wardrobe :D

Outfit: Meh

No college today, so lounging 'round the house.. watching 'House'! :3

Top: New Look, £4
Shorts: New Look, £20
Tights: Matalan, £3
Bracelets: Mum, £?

WANT: Geekiness

Skullcandy Headphones, Tokidoki Laptop Bag, Cute Memory Stick, Hand-wind pig Torch

Outfit: Boring, Comfy

Nothing special today, going to college to do boring work blahhhh

Jumper Dress: New Look, £25
Shorts: New Look, £20
Leggings: Next, £?
Necklace: Ji Ji Kiki, £?

WANT: Topshop

*sigh* all gorgeous, but sadly all out of my price range
(yes, even the rings)... maybe when the sales come round again?

Outfit: Kitten Cats

I was originally wearing this tunic thingy with leggings but it felt too short - it only just covered my bum! So I stuck my shorts on top.

Top/Dress: Yumi, £?
Shorts: New Look, £20
Leggings: Next, £?

More Hair Inspiration

Cute Dog

Outfit: Leggings as Jeans!

Yes, I've commited one of the ultimate fashion sins (in my own eyes, lol)... leggings as jeans! However, this top's basically a dress so it doesn't really count :3

Top/Dress: New Look, £4
Cardigan: Topshop, £25
Leggings: Next, £?
Necklace: Internacionale, £4.50

Hair History

from '08 to '09

Outift: Hearts n' Stripes

Today's outfit is both comfy and warm! I'm posting it later on in the day, and I've already been out and about; checking out a new gym near where I live and to a scrapyard to find the BF a radio antenna thing for his car. Also, my picture is up on What Katie Wore!

Top: Gap, £?
Cardigan: eBay, £5
Shorts: New Look, £20
Tights: ?
Bag: Claires, £6
Necklace: Past Times, £?

Hair Inspiration

Right now I have very short, very 1920s hair, which is lovely but there's not all that much you can do with it! I've decided to grow my hair out a bit, and these are some of the styles that inspired me to do so;
Can you tell I like messy hair at the moment? I think I want to keep my fringe though, just a bit longer than it is now...

Outfit: A Little Piratey

Comfy and practical today, nothing really interesting. I quite like this picture of me, though!

Top: New Look, £?
Hoodie: Superdry, £35
Jeans: Matalan, £4

Chiara Fashion: Cute

Outfit: Florals and Stripes

Eek, Computing exam today! I'm dressed up for the cold without being too bulky.

Stripe Body: New Look, £8
Top: New Look £6
Cardi: Topshop, £?
Shorts: New Look, £20
Leggings: Next, £?
Necklace: Past Times, £?


My current obsession is beautiful vintage luggage, in particular anything suitcase-shaped, and preferably with stickers featured somewhere about it's person. There's something so brilliant about using luggage someone else has used before you, especially the older cases from the 30s onward and all the history and different types of clothes that've been inside the (faux)leather case... <3

University Update and France Plans

I haven't really updated my blog about what's been going on with University stuff. Basically, I took the plunge and selected my final choices; Newport as my Firm Conditional and Staffordshire as my backup. However, I will definately be going to Newport as the conditional is based on me proving qualifications I already have; I've sent off my certificates and they came back today, so I'm waiting for it to change to Unconditional on the UCAS website, at which point I can start looking at Student Bank Accounts and Student Finance. Eek! So much left to do.

Also, the BFs family have decided to give use all-year access to their house in France(!), so we might go over there mid/late July, which would be good, but I'd have to start saving now. I'd need to save up about £200 and there are no jobs around at the moment, though I'll do the bimonthly handing-round of CVs soon.

Outfit: Lazy, Snowy

Not really doing anything today; it's snowy out and I have nowhere to go, so I didn't really bother all that much.

Top: New Look, £4
Cardigan: Topshop, £?
Jeans: Matalan, £4

Snow White

The BF took this picture of me as part of his photography project,
and I edited it. Cute, no?

Outfit: Bows

I'm not sure about this outfit; it's a bit cutesy (too much glitter and bows?) but I wanted to wear my new gold tights and red bow alice band! :3 I haven't worn this top before, either.

Top: New Look, £4
Cardigan: eBay, £5
Shorts: New Look, £20
Tights: ASDA, £1
Alice Band: ASDA, 75p

Cute Shoes

Outfit: Rosy

I am not the happiest today; I was wearing some lovely purple sparkly tights I bought yesterday, but I managed to rip them ): Also, this picture is not the most flattering.

Jumper: New Look, £25
Shorts: New Look, £20
Tights: Primark, £1.25
Necklace: Gift from BF

Jeans Love

Yesterday I actually seriously took a look at the clothes on the Topshop website for the first time ever. I've never really bothered before, because whenever I go into the shop its always tiny miniskirts make of feathers or other such silly high-fashion frippery. However, there are some lovely jeans on the website I'm quite tempted by;

Outfit: Grey Day

My outfit kind of matches the weather today; cloudy and grey, with the chance of sunshine later on.

Top: Gap, £?
Jeans: Matalan, £4
Necklace: Ji ji kiki, £?
Bracelet: Claires, £2


Yesterday I went with my family and the BF to see Avatar in 3D at the cinema. It was a lot better than I thought, and the CGI was really realistic and pretty; still a couple years behind anything by Square, though, but maybe that's just me being a fangirl.

Outfit: Lacy Tights

This outfit is for hanging round the house, and maybe going to the post office to send my A-level certificates to Newport Uni :D

Top: ?
Shorts: New Look, £20
Black Tights: Primark, £1.25
Lace Tights: ?
Rose Necklace: Ji ji kiki, £?
Peace Bracelet: Claires, £1
Rainbow Bangle: Claires, 50p


The BF playing Amped 3 on the Xbox. He looks cute when he concentrates :3

Jack Russell in the Snow

Doesn't he look cute? This is Stanley, the biggest of our two Jack Russells.
The more 'special' one, too!

Outfit: Jumpers and Shorts

I am going out on a date with the BF today, and this will last all the way to the evening :3

Grey Top: Superdry, £25
Blue Jumper: Topshop, £?
Shorts: New Look, £20
Tights: ?
Owl Necklace: Past Times, £?
Bangle: Ji Ji Kiki, £?

The £100 Outfit

Does anyone remember that series Gok Wan did, when he dressed people off the high street with £100 and then put them up against high fashion looks? Well, that's kind of the idea I'm going for here, minus the voting bit. This might be a regular thing or a one-off, I haven't decided yet.

Lace Miniskirt, £32, Topshop
Spot Bodysuit, £14, New Look
Red Belt, £1, Dorothy Perkins
Rocket Dog Flats, £15, Schuh
Patent Bow Bag, £8, New Look
Robot Necklace, £10, Topshop
Total - £80

The Shooeeesa!

£10 from £60... bargain! <3

Outfit: Flowers and Lace

I'm not all that convinced by this top. I like the top half of it, but the bottom's a bit too long and flouncy. Maybe it needs a bit of adjusting?

Top: Yumi via charity shop, £2
Tank Top: Gap, £8
Jeans: Matalan, £4