Turning Japanese

This song will now be stuck in my head for ever more...

Outfit: Monochrome

I didn't realise until later on in the day, but today I'm all black, white and grey! I think the pattern of the skirt adds interest, though, and I suppose my tattoo counts as a pop of colour.

top: ?
cardi: topshop
skirt: primark
leggings: next

Outfit: Casual Friday

Today I'm not doing much more than walking the dogs, so comfy and casual it is! Please ignore the mess that is my hair, it's getting to the stage where it's too long to be a fringe and too short to be a side parting, so it's clipped back. Since I'm growing it out, there's also the dreaded skunk streak of blonde showing through at the roots. But oh well! Still job-hunting at the moment, it's taken much longer then I thought it would...

top: new look
jumper: new look
jeans: matalan

Brand New Boots

At the moment I'm in serious need of some boots. The ones I own now were from 'Shoe Zone' and cost £20, and they're lovely but the zip no longer works properly, probably due to a combination of cheapness and the fact I've worn them literally every day since I got them early December, which is about 90 days or so! So not bad. I do have two other pairs of boots, one from Sugar, but they are quite thin and metallic gold, which doesn't go with everything, and the other pair from New Look via my BF, but these are heeled, meaning I can't wear them on a daily basis due to my bad knee, but I would if I could. I've been looking at Rocket Dog, Irregular Choice and Schuh this time round and these are the boots I've come up with that I like;

Outfit: Flowers

New dress! I'm really into wearing dresses at the moment, and I bought this one when we went to visit my nan in Abetillery (Wales) from the New Look there, since it was on sale :D

Dress: New Look
Leggings: Next

A Little Bit Emo

I'm thinking of growing my hair out like this. I bit flatter, of course, though with my hair I can't have anything but dead-straight. At least it isn't super-fine as well. I know it's a bit emo-ish but I think it'd look a lot different (and less fake) on me than the way it's styled on her. Also, I don't much like the random long bit of hair.

Outfit: A Little Preppy

I know this photo isn't up to my usual standards but I no longer have a proper camera phone (or one that can balance on the side) and I didn't feel like borrowing my mum's camera. I like the simplicity though, it's kind of preppy.

Cardi - TK Maxx
Tank Top - New Look
Jeans - Matalan


Today I want to paint my nails all sorts of lovely colours.

5 Dresses Under £25

Oh Hai

I'm not dead; I've just been hibernating!

Dig for Victory

Dig for Victory has just about the cutest, most twee dresses ever! I love this prarie one. They seem quite expensive at around £70 each but each dress is handmade, so I'd say it's well worth it! :D

Outift: Neutrals

Now I've seen a picture of this outfit, it isn't exactly the most flattering. However, it's comfy and practical for walking the dogs, and that's all I need.

Bodysuit: New Look
Top: Gap
Cardi: eBay
Shorts: New Look
Leggings: Next

Outfit: Alt Rock

I'm going to Newport University open day today, to check out where I'll be going this september! All very exciting.

Hoodie: Edward Scissorhands via TK Maxx, £15
Dress: Hell Bunny via Blue Banana, £5
Leggings: Next, £?
Necklace: Junksucker (eBay), £2.50

Outfit: Dressed to Kill

Yay for new dresses! This one was missing a button when I bought it, so it was reduced, but it came with spare buttons on the tag, so I got a very cheap, perfectly good Criminal Damage dress that normally costs £35 for way less! You can't see the print all that well in the photo, but it's roses and says 'Dressed to Kill' :D

Dress: Criminal Damage via TK Maxx, £8
Cardigan: Topshop, £25
Leggings: Next, £?
Necklace: Blue Banana, £3

Outfit: Red and Black

Today me and my mum are going out somewhere; I was so bored of sitting around the house so to celebrate I dressed up a bit. This dress is one of my favourites, it has such a cute nautical pattern!

Dress: Criminal Damage, £35
Cardi: eBay, £5
Leggings: Peacocks, £6 for 2
Necklace: Ji Ji Kiki, £?

The £200 Outfit

WANT: Girly Watches

Outfit: Pink and Purple

I'm having a bit of a grey day today, I only got dressed at midday! Which is bad, I know. I think part of my 'can't be bothered' mood is down to the amount of bad food I've been eating, so I'm trying a detox thing when you only have liquids. So far today I've had milk and orange juice, and not much else!

Top: Superdry, £25
Jumper: New Look, £20
Jeans: Blue Banana, £15
Necklace: Blue Banana, £3


This post won't be anything serious, because I know for a fact the BF reads this blog ;3 I just felt like putting together a cute hearts-day-themed collage!

WANT: Heels

I don't wear heels that much, but I think if I had any of these I would wear them! I love wearing flats but I have very big feet (UK size 8) and they accentuate that, so I generally stick to combat boots and gothy shoes that are designed to make your feet look chunky. I own two pairs of heels, both £8 from Priceless, but I guess I'd like to branch out a bit more as they are pretty samey styles.

The reason I haven't been posting

Sudeki! I got this game in the post a couple days ago, and I stuck it into the xbox (yes, original xbox, retro!) and started playing. I thought it would be a generic magic-and-swords game, which it is a bit, but it has a very epic Final Fantasy style storyline. The gameplay is good too, despite the fact the graphics are about PS1 standard.