Book Wishlist

I'm in a bookish mood today, since I've been reading again after quite a long while. I forgot how much I enjoy reading, so much more than the internet or watching TV even! I used to have loads of books but most migrated to the garage and got soggy and ruined over time, so when I'm bored I've been reading the same books over and over. Here is my current book wishlist:
  • New Moon, Stephenie Meyer (yes, I am determined to finish this series)
  • Cell, Stephen King (read before, but since lost, soooo good)
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Mr Darcy AND zombies? ♥♥)
  • Harry Potter series (all perishing in the garage somewhere. Ron was always my favorite :3)
  • Georgia Nicholson series, Louise Rennison (these make me LOL, for reals)
  • Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex, Eoin Colfer (Arty ♥)
  • Shopaholic Abroad, Sophie Kinsella (I have read all this series except THIS ONE)

Outfit: Neon Grey

I'm back after a bit of a crisis-of-self-confidence break. Sorry for the graininess of this image, the weather and light is appalling so it's pretty grey and miserable in here. I found this top trawling the sales in town the other week for only about £7! I think it's supposed to be a dress but I wear it with the elasticated waistband pulled up to make it a bit more interesting, and anyway it'd still be bum-skimming on me even if it was pulled down. Also, new blog layout! I like the little plane, it follows you up and down the page.

Top: Topshop
Cardi: TK Maxx
Jeans: ASDA

Webcomic of the Week: The Phoenix Requiem

Anyone who reads this blog and knows me knows I spend about half my time reading through the (masses of) webcomics in my favorites bar, and I know which day every one updates. Which is kind of sad, but there's so many brilliant comics out there how could I possible pick or choose? One of the comics I most avidly wait for updates on is 'The Phoenix Requiem' by Sarah Ellerton. Everything in this comic is perfect, from the beautiful painted-style artwork, to the sophisticated script and the (very pretty) male main character who reminds me a little of a certain recently-regenerated Doctor. It's more of an 'epic' than most comics, making it more of a graphic novel than other webcomics, but it works, because the updates are frequent enough that you don't lose interest and not close enough that there's no anticipation. Anyway, check it out here and enjoy.

Tattoo Inspiration


I have been neglecting my geek side as of late, spending all my money and pretty clothes and shoes (as I have today); and I feel a little guilty about that. To suppress that feeling I bought Fallout 3 off Amazon (an amazing game which I've been wanting to play again) and made a wishlist of games I currently want;
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Bioshock 1/2
  • Resident Evil 5
  • Lego Batman
  • Wet
  • Dead Rising

What I've Been Up To

What, a post without pictures of clothes? surely the world must be coming to an end? Nah, I just felt like doing a bog-standard non-fashion-related post which I haven't done in... ever on this blog? I'm not sure. I'm nearly at the 150 posts mark and 50 of those are frivolous photos of me in various outfits. So, what I've been up to. I left college way back in January, and I am currently (still!) job hunting, and in the meantime I'm on Jobseekers (which makes me feel a little bleh to be honest, but I need some money coming in to help my parents since they no longer get child benefit for me) - at the moment I'm applying for about 3 jobs a week but as yet nothing's come back to me. This last week I've applied for a night receptionist job at Premier Inn, a Blogging job on a bad fashion site (which would be so cool) and phoned about a waitressing job that was already taking. Sigh. Still, at least I'm being productive about it. I want something to fill the time in the 6 months until I'm shipped off the the barren lands of Wales for Uni. This weekend I'm taking my little sister into town on The Bus (just like normal people!) to look round the shops and stuff. And this Friday I'm going with my mum to the Mall in Bristol, Cribbs Causeway. Oh, and next week I'm getting my hair cut. Exciting stuff.

Want: Summer Outfit for £45

hair corsage - peacocks
bag - peacocks
dress - matalan
leggings - new look
shoes - priceless

Spring/Summer Wardrobe Wants: Longline Vests

Joe Brown's Cami, £23 / Miss Selfridge Lace Insert Vest, £18
DP Grey Ruffle Vest, £18 / Topshop L.O.V.E. vest, £25 / G21 Longline Vest, £6

Outfit: Spring Greys

I went with an all-grey look today, but with a variety of textures and patterns to add interest. You can't see them in the picture, but when I got this top and jeans yesterday I also got the cutest studded grey pumps. Please ignore my messy hair, I'm growing it out so it's currently between hairstyles.

hairclip: ?
top: G21 @ ASDA
jeans: G21 @ ASDA
cardi: topshop


I'm in the mood for making things today. Maybe when I get some money through I might try making a couple things... nothing too expensive though... I want to make bow headbands and paint and make shoe clips and cute necklaces and cupcakes and all sorts, but I have nothing to make these things with right now! ):

Outfit: Job Interview

This is what I wore today for a job interview... I'm not sure if it's gone well or not, I'm waiting to hear back. It was quite casual so I didn't dress up too much. I like this top; my mum brought it but didn't like it all that much so gave it to me. It's fleecy and warm and cosy, good for a bit of a grey day.

top: next
jeans: matalan


Outfit: Springtime

Today is the first day it properly feels like March; the sun is out and I can hear birds singing. Had a bit of a disappointing start to the day due to an appointment I had at the JobCentre that was cancelled, but it's rescheduled for tomorrow and on Saturday I have another job interview, so things are OK. Also, new blog layout in honour of Spring! yay!

top: new look
cardi: topshop
jeans: matalan

Springtime Florals