Comic: Scars

This is kind of an experimental thing, I've been reading a lot of journal comics lately and I thought I'd try it! Probably won't make any more after this one but you never know. Yes, I do have a scar on each ankle.

Outfit: Penguin

Today I was in town handing in an application for Past Times. The people in there are so lovely and friendly, and I'm in love with Victorian-1950's eras, so I'm really crossing my fingers for this job.

top: tk maxx
shorts: new look
cardi: topshop
leggings: peacocks

Outfit: Pink Nautical

Today we went to my nan's house in Wales and walked the dogs at a lake near there. It was horrifically soggy and squelchy and I ruined my sugar flats for good. But they were on their way out anyway, so no real harm done I suppose. My mum got me this dress a while back and I love it; nautical and pink!

dress: matalan
cardi: new look
leggings: primark
necklace: topshop

Webcomic of the Week: Questionable Content

Questionable Content is a webcomic which I read a very, very long time ago and just recently rediscovered. It's kind of indie-centric, with a coffee-shop set and 'hipster' cast, but despite the obvious intended audience (and very in-crowd jokes in some cases) the way in which the characters are portrayed makes them seem more three dimensional and believable than many other comics have managed, though to fully get this effect you need to read through the whole of the archives for backstory, and with an archive of over 1,000 comics it is not for those with little free time. I love the realistic-but-slightly-skewed world in which the characters live, and not only that but I discovered quite a few new bands through the dialogue too!

Parks and Picnics

Yesterday me and the BF picked up a few of our friends (who we haven't seen in a long time) from the train station and we all went for a picnic in a park nearby. It was a really nice, sunny day and before we met up BF got some flip-flops since he didn't have any shoes to go with his shorts; it was the first time he'd ever worn them and it was so funny watching him try to walk! The weather was really lovely and everyone had fun (and me and my best girly friend got to get together for a chat while the boys played frisbee) so overall a really good day. Hopefully next week we're meeting up again to watch 'Kick-Ass' and play D&D (nerdy, right?) which will be good and tuesday next week me and the BF are going camping with some different friends, which will be fun too, though I've never really done camping before...

WANT: TK Maxx Dresses

It finally feels like spring! The sky is lovely and blue and it's warm enough to not wear shoes. In order to celebrate this I've been drooling over unaffordable (but lovely) dresses on the TK Maxx website. These are my favourites;
(prices from £13-£18)

Outfit: Cold Spring

This photo was taken when me, my dad and sister went to a park near our house so my sister could go in the playground and play football. It was really sunny but quite chilly too, it felt quite spring-ish. To be honest, today hasn't been all that great. We took the dogs for a walk and they were attacked by another jack russell, completely unprovoked. Luckily neither were hurt but they could have been, the dog owners were completely useless and basically wouldn't take responsibility for the fact the dog should be on a lead. But the dogs are ok (though one of them is pretty sore where the other dog got his back and held on) so that's something. It's very unusual for me to do a full body-shot but we were out-and-about and this one ended up quite good, most I do on a self-timer in my kitchen.

coat: next
gloves: asda
skirt/dress: new look
jumper: topshop
leggings: peacocks
boots: next


Outfit: Frilly

This was the best picture I took, but unfortunately the top of my head is missing. Today me and my mum went into town to get some tickets for the upcoming sci-fi show(!) in town, and we looked round the shops while we did so. I found this top in the sales for really cheap, though it could probably be worn as a dress with leggings. I'm off out to the pub tonight with the BF and my best friends. Should be fun!

top/dress: new look
cardi: new look
jeans: asda