Going Away ♥

No outfit posts today, because this morning is going to be spent cleaning the house (so trashy old stuff) and then I'm off 'round the BF's for two or so days, and I'll be doing baking! I'll try and get pictures of the stuff I make (if it were up to the BF 100 peanut butter cookies) but it'll be a bit rubbishy quality either on my phone or the BF's iphone :3

WANT: Summer Picnic Dresses

Couldn't you imagine wearing these dresses when it's all warm in the summer eating cupcakes in the park? I could, but maybe that's just me! One day when I'm rich (ha) I'll have a special wardrobe section for picnic-ing dresses :3

[peacocks, matalan, dorothy perkins, asda, miss selfridge]

WANT: Pauls Boutique Bags

Is anyone else obsessed with these bags? They look so cute and fun and not flimsy and impractical, big enough to hold everything, especially the oversize ones. Here are a few of the ones I've been drooling over lately;

Outfit Post: Gingham Rose

The camera decided to learn how to focus again today! This dress was originally £20 in the shop and I got it reduced down to £8, it had £10 off already and I used my student card for a 20% discount, not a bad deal really. I do worry it makes me look a bit.. too busty(!) up top but I can sort that with a cardi over the top. Yesterday evening was good, I went back to the BF's and he attempted to teach me drums a little bit (which I'm not at all good at, whereas he is brilliant) then we went out with my family for a meal.

dress: new look
leggings: primark
cardi: new look

Outfit Post: Bows and Stripes

I got this dress through from eBay today and couldn't resist putting it on straight away. It's a lovely pattern and the bow is super-cute (as well as not being too low cut) even if the fabric is a bit stiff-feeling, but I think I'll get used to it. These jeans are lovely and long too, I got them in the sale in the 'tall' section for only £15 and they're super skinny and very stretchy so fit well.

dress: new look via ebay
cardi: tk maxx
jeans: dorothy perkins
hairclip: sainsburys

WANT: Irregular Choice Heels

Are they not the most kitsch, weird, gorgeous shoes you've ever seen? I think so anyway. It's a shame my budget is more £10 than £80...

Outfit Post: Italian Restaurant

Tonight I'm going out with the BF's family to celebrate his mum's birthday to an Italian Restaurant. Obviously later on I'll put on make-up, do my hair etc. etc. but it's hot today so it'd melt by the evening. Also, ignore the big black thing that looks like it's trying to attack the camera, it's a hat. I'm trying to find different places to take my photos from and this is the shelf just above my clothes rail, therefore attack of the cloche! I really love this dress, I got it in the sale and when I got it home realised it was maternity. I don't think it looks it though..

dress: topshop
cardi: new look
leggings: primark
bracelets: present

What's in my Bag?

I did one of these AGES ago on a different blog and I thought I'd do one again... here's what's in my bag (my super cute minmie bag from korea with domo-kun);
From left to right; 2x topshop 'snissues', comb, mucha diary, 2x notebooks, compact mirror and brush, ibuprofen and sudafed, nail file, various hairclips, pens, strawberry crush lipbalm, accessorize purse, glasses cloth, suncream stick, lemon hand sanitiser, mint lipsalve, keys with torchwood keyring, ipod, pig torch and vaseline.

Dresses From Overseas

There are several shops I would love to buy from online that are based in the USA, but due to a massive fear of equally massive customs charges I've never ordered from any of them and probably never will unless I'm a millionaire one day. But I can still dream, can't I..? If I lived in America these are the dresses I would buy;

[dresses from forever21 and modcloth]


I ordered a bunch of stuff off the ARTBOX website today, which is this asian-import UK based site with all sorts of 'kawaii' and cute things, including Hello Kitty, Cram Cream and Moomins. I've wanted to order some things for a long time (£1.75 postage for any amount of things, brilliant) and today I did. I'll post some more about it, but meanwhile here's what I ordered (all for under £10 inc. postage);
So much pinkness! The little gingerbread man keyring was free when you spend over £5 which is a pretty good deal and he is super-cute. I think my favourite thing is either the mini notepad or the stickers... I'm not sure! The bag is meant to be 'XL' therefore good for carting all my stuff to the BF's and back when I stay over next week. And I've never tried proper pocky (only mikado and that isn't strawberry) so I thought I would for only £1!

Lookville Review

If you read my last post about Lookville it's this new site I was asked to give feedback on for the beta. After trying it out for a couple days I noticed a few things:
  • The whole site needs a 'if you have nothing nice to say...' policy, since most of the comments I got were along the lines 'unflattering' and 'you look crap', and nothing constructive, so basically just snark and insults.
  • It's dominated by samey-samey fashion girls. I LOVE fashion blogs but these are the kind of girls who only wear the latest trends and if I post anything kawaii/goth/retro I feel really out-of-place and end up with more snark, as per point one.
  • Stupid little quirks like 'post a question' and HAVING to add tags kind of ruin it for me. I'm happy with straightforward websites and the post a question thing makes me feel I have to validate what I wear from a complete stranger by asking 'do i look nice?' or 'do my shoes go?'. I've already though of this extensively before going out in the outfit so I don't need these opinions. Also, any small images are blown up so they're all blurry and incomprehensible.

Sunflower Sundresses

I just won this pretty cute-looking vintage sundress on eBay. From the picture it looks cute but not all that fitted so I hope it's one of those dresses that look better on? I'm guessing so, but for £1 it was too good to pass up! I'm also hoping it fits me, since the description says 'labelled 16 but more like a 14' and I'm right between those sizes so who knows... fingers crossed though! I can imagine eating home made cookies and sandwiches on a picnic wearing this :3

Outfit Post: The Case of the Headless Lady

For some reason today I had an inability to place the camera in such a way as to get my whole body in. There are several shots of my knees from forgetting to set the self-timer when I pressed the shutter button and not one shot has my face in it. I'm a bit spotty and unsightly today so maybe the camera's trying to tell me something? I don't know! Just something casual again today, haven't really left the house. Also, my bare knees make a debut! :3

dress: evans
crop leggings: asda


I was contact by Lookville.com to take part in their beta testing of the Lookville website, and give feedback! Very exciting, first thing of the sort that's ever happened to me. It's a pretty nice site, similar to Lookbook (which I used once then got bored with it) and personally I can only keep track of updating one thing at a time anyway so I probably wouldn't use it though. My only complaint is they make all images to a default size that you upload meaning smaller size images come out big and blurry! You can only get on there by invitation right now, but here's a screencap of what it looks like;

I also have 5 invites to give to friends so if you want to try it out click here.

Actually Not So Great

Today started out kind of good, I spent the morning with the BF and I sent off some packages for eBay while he got his hair cut then we went to Worle and had chips for lunch from the chippy and had a look round the charity shops. Nothing worth getting though. When we got back to my house the Sweeney Todd DVD I'd got off eBay had arrived so we watched most of that. Then I had to go to the dentist with my family... and for the first timer ever I have to get a filling! Not so bad to most people but I'm so annoyed at myself for not looking after my teeth properly, I try really hard to brush them well and use mouthwash and everything! Luckily it's only a little one at the back but it kinda ruined my day....

Sponsoring 'Little Chief Honeybee'

I've just taken out a one-week sponsorship on Little Chief Honeybee, one of my favourite blogs at the moment. I think if this works out well in terms of readers/hits I might do another one, so this is sort of an experiment... exciting all the same though! Also, I've changed my little 'me' cartoon on the sidebar to mimic my most recent haircut (and dress!)

Outfit Post: Joggers and Apples

Why so blurry, camera? I have no idea why these photos didn't come out like normal (the camera was still and was in focus) but there we go. You can still see what I'm wearing at least, and here's the first appearance of my new joggers! They're so comfy, I think I'll be wearing them a lot. Very simple outfit today, because it's bakingly hot outside. I also don't know why I look angry..

top: TU
joggers: ASDA

Sleepy Puppy

Joggers Dilemma

I got some really cheap cuffed jogging bottoms in grey from ASDA the other day, after seeing so many people wearing them everyday online. Unfortunately I seem to have lost all ideas and inspiration into how to wear them, and since my wardrobe is pretty much 85% dresses I'm not sure what to do! However, these are some ideas I put together;
[cat top: dollydagger, sneakers: schuh, necklace: peacocks, body: topshop, wedges: peacocks]

Summer Playlist

Hottest Day of the Year... so far

Today and yesterday have been baking. I'm talking skirt-with-no-leggings hot, and it's only may so by all rights it should be tipping it down, this being Britain. The sunshine is nice but I've been out as little as possible due to no sun cream and a tattoo that can't really be covered without me wearing something in which I will boil. The BF's been here with me up until a little while ago (he's off to work now, poor him,) so I'm left to my own devices; that is, eBay and checking Job websites every five minutes in the hopes something miraculously brilliant will come up that I am perfect for and they will hire me on the spot. Same as the past 6 months, then...

I've got an interview at the JobCentre monday after next (9.20 in the morning... why?) supposedly to talk about why I don't have a job yet. To be honest so far they haven't been all that useful, the just sign whatever I've written without looking and then tell me my money will be in my bank soon. I did get an email today about a post office job in Bridgwater but it was 12 hours, meaning I'd spend 3/4 of my wage and about an hour on various buses and trains to get there, so really not worth it. Fingers crossed something comes up soon...

Outfit Post: Pink Denim

Wow, I haven't posted an outfit in a long time. Please ignore my can't-be-arsed hair. I got this dress in New Look a while back, the zip doesn't work very well so I have to hold it up with a safety pin.

dress: new look
cardi: new look
leggings: peacocks

Toys R Us Adventure

Yesterday the BF was off college (because he's finished his Art exam) and we decided to go up to Bristol to look 'round Cribbs Causeway Mall and everything. In reality what happened was we wandered around Toys R Us for ages cooing over anything that was cute or cool (we were practically the only people in there) and I bought a DW figure for £3 and BF got a NERF gun that he wants to customise. And we're going to Uni this year. Who says we have to be grownups? :3 We also had a wander around the Mall but there wasn't anything we really wanted so we got McDonalds, returned some clothes for my mum and then a got a (really kind of gross and sickly) ice cream from Millie's Cookies before we left. So overall a pretty good day.


I've started a second blog! This one is all about Doctor Who.
So if you're interested, click on the image to go there.

Wishlist Wants

[Jeevers Wooster Lamps | 17 Candy Eyeshadow | Adipose Stress Toy |
Emma Bridgewater Picnic Stuff | Topshop Corset Dress]

Webcomic of the Week: Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell

This Webcomic is one I've recently discovered, but I've liked it so much I read through the archives twice, so I thought I should share it with you guys. In short, the plot is pretty much the title. A guy named Darwin is going to hell because he did something bad (I won't put any more for fear of spoilers) and he's trying to make it up, so he doesn't, y'know, get sent to Hell. There's also a Manticore called Skittles, a Minotaur landlord and stoned angels. You can check the site out here, and I hope you'll find it as entertaining as I have so far!

Summer Ball

I apologise for the lack of posting lately, I kind of lost motivation a bit but hopefully I'll be back updating regularly soon. In the meantime, I might be going to the BF's college Summer Ball and it's masquerade themed. This is what I was thinking of wearing;


Three years ago, my wardrobe consisted of a couple pairs of jeans, several boy-fit shirts, two hoodies and maybe one dress.
Today, my wardrobe consists of 20 dresses, two pairs of jeans, six cardigans, eight pairs of leggings, two skirts and a couple fitted tops.