New Look Limited Edition

Such cute stuff in this new New Look collection, I want that horse-print dress so bad, such a sweet collar and sleeve length, unlike anything I have! There's also some browny-bootie-shoes that remind me of autumn and some very buttery-looking leather bags... The prices are pretty high though, it seems they rival Topshop right now!

Outfit Post: Mixed Patterns

I got three cardigans in the post yesterday, so of course the first thing I had to do is attempt to wear them all at once! I only managed two but I think the effect is quite good. I like the differences in sleeve length too; three-quarter, quarter, none! I'll try and wear my other cardi for my next OP so you can see it. Check out the cute kitty in my photo; she's Edd's cat Maggie and she managed to get into every single shot I took, following me all round the garden. Yesterday his other cat, Max, tried to do the same but I had some shots without him in, they are such camera whores. I've got a bit of a stinking cold today; According to Edd I sounded like Alien (as in Alien vs Predator) when I slept because I couldn't breathe through my nose. Still feel icky today but I dragged myself off the sofa to have a shower/get dressed and it made me feel a bit better, that and the hot chocolate but I still don't feel 100%.

A Wedding Outfit for £30

Tor of fabfrocks has been asked by Tesco to run a competition to win £30 to spend on the site - the idea is to find a wedding outfit for under the £30 limit that you would wear for a summer wedding. Currently, all the sale stuff is buy two, get one free so with a bit of careful adding and other such sums (such as minusing(?)) I devised an outfit of six pieces for the massive price of £27.25. All those years honing my sale spidey sense must have payed off...

Outfit Post: Out to Pasture

Another outdoor post, including my whole body! I feel like a proper fashion blogger now. Today's outfit takes into account the sudden bit of a dip in temperature, leaving me too chilly to wear this dress on it's own, hence the cardi and the tanktop underneath. I took the photos myself this time, since poor Edd had to drag himself off to work to feed posh people breakfast (he works at a wedding-y place) so the camera ended up balanced first on a big bucket and then on a bird table. You can't say I'm not imaginative! Apologies for the dumpiness of the picture, I wasn't really sure where to put my feet or anything so they all came off a bit awkward and slouchy. My hair is wet too, not just greasy.

Cameo Cuties

Cameos are one of my favourite jewellery things. They've been popping up everywhere these past few seasons, from anything as prints on tee shirts to necklaces to fascinators, and I really can't get enough of them! Edd's mum got me a gorgeous cameo brooch for my birthday that I've been meaning to turn into a necklace for a long time, I really have to get round to that. Here are a couple of my favourite cameo picks, anyway;

Outfit Post: A Little Nautical

Behold: Real, proper photos! Outside! Not at a 'myspace' angle, since in my room that's the only angle in which I can get most of me in! Hopefully for the next three weeks my outfit posts can be like this, presuming the boyf doesn't get fed up of taking photos of me (quite likely) so you can actually properly see my outfit, instead of a grainy image of my torso. Today Edd and I are going to the new Lidls that's opening today - it was closed before because it was completely gutted by a fire and now it's all shiny and new and all the old people are ready to buy obscure brands of biscuit and donut makers and so on again. Our life is so eventful! We're just going to find some obscure cake brands and pick up some basics. After that back to Edd's to play videogames and possibly clean out the guinea pigs. So domestic. This outfit makes me realise how much of my clothing comes from New Look - I need to diversify a bit really, get some more Primark and H&M things in there (a good excuse for a shopping trip if I ever heard one!)

WANT: Holdall

When I go to Uni Edd and I will be three hours apart, but that won't stop me from taking weekend trips up to visit him ♥ So I'll need a cute holdall to sit on the train with on my way up to Stafford, big enough to fit a weekend's worth of clothes and a box of cookies for the boyf...

Outfit Post: 50's Cinched

Looks like I'm spanning all the decades this week! I found this cute belt in the bottom of my 'belt box' and it's never been worn in all the time I've had it, I think I got it off eBay but I'm not too sure. Excuse the face I'm pulling in this picture, I might look unimpressed but I assure you I'm not! Off round Edd's today to stay for the next 3 weeks which means lots of reading, videogames and (hopefully) baking! I want to try making cakesicles maybe or meringues... Other than that I'm not sure what I'm up to today, we might go out shopping in a bit.

dress: peacocks
cardi: eBay
cycle shorts: ASDA
necklace: topshop
belt: ???
bracelet: gift

Outfit Post: 80s Throwback

If I had a denim waistcoat this look would be complete (oh, and neon dangly earrings!) I'm not sure if I like this dress or not yet, it's very basic but the pattern means it doesn't really go with all that much that I own, since most of what I own is bold patterns and bright colours. I spent the day with Edd today, helping water plants and pack the car for his parents going to France and then to his sister's to do some gardening (I planted sunflowers!) - her flat looks so cute and homely now, I want to live there! so much pink too, and the garden is looking so much better now we've done some planting/weeding/mowing. So overall a nice day, though it does look like it's going to rain now. The nice weather couldn't last forever I suppose... Also, hello to my new followers, you lovely people - it makes my day to see that little number keep on going up and up ♥

dress: h&m
bodysuit: new look
shorts (under dress): asda
necklace: ji ji kiki
belt: primark

Want: Cardigans

I'm on a bit of a cardi kick right now, lately all I've bought is knitwear based and designed to be worn over other things! I've been closely examining cropped blazers and such cuteness recently but unfortunately my body shape (narrow shoulders, biggish boobs, chubby middle) make me both a size 12 and 16 simultaneously, which unfortunately means no structured outerwear for me. Here's some super sweet knitwear I'd love to get my hands on;Align Centre

Outfit Post: Trompe l'Oeil

How cute is this dress? My mum got it for me when she went down to Cornwall, I especially love the cute knitted-in collar and buttons, so sweet! I hope I'm not going to be too hot in it though, since it's quite tight it makes me a bit lumpy so I'm wearing a tanktop underneath, and it's quite a warm day. Off to town today to go to the jobcentre, as with every monday, sigh.

necklace: past times
dress: george at asda
cardi: new look
leggings: next

A Typical Weekend

It doesn't matter what plans we make, this is always what we end up doing over summer.
Still, I get a lot of reading done. (thanks to sarah for inspiring me to start drawing again!)

This Makes me Sad

On tumblr last night I was flicking through a couple blogs and I accidentally found myself ensnared in this 'community' of blogs about thinness. About how they wish they could not eat to be thin, posting pictures of half-dead girls with their ribs jutting out and calling them 'beautiful'. The thing I felt most about these 'thinspiration' blogs was pure revulsion. What is wrong with our society if people strive to resemble famine victims? Not that I'm hating on thin girls, you understand, but if you are your natural weight at 8 stone there is a huge difference in appearance of someone who is meant to be 11 stone and starving themselves to be their 'goal weight'. Everyone is gorgeous despite their shape or size or hang-ups or features, especially if they are their natural body weight. A healthy BMI is a plus but it doesn't apply to everyone, and I know girls who are plus-sized but would not look 'right' or healthy if they were a size 8 and vice versa, there are girls who are tiny and petite and thin but are meant to be that way. What are your opinions on this?

Outfit Post: Running Horses

I love this dress so much! I got it off eBay so for slightly cheaper than in-store (besides which I couldn't find it in my Primark) and it is super comfy and pretty flattering too, and as you know there's nothing I like better than a quirky print. Tomorrow is sort of the official start of the summer holidays and I'm off to the jobcentre, because the Pier opening has been delayed again. Sigh. Edd's parents are off to France for a few weeks so I'll be looking after the house with Edd, but I'll be sure to take Violet (my laptop) so I can carry on posting. If you look closely in this photo you can see my new ear piercing.

dress: primark via ebay £2
waistcoat: new look £5
leggings: next
necklace: topshop
bracelet: topshop

Review: New Look/NPW Nail Polish Remover

On my last trip into New Look I picked up this cute little tub of nail varnish remover wipes for £1.99, thinking that they'd be really useful since there's never any liquid remover around when I need it. I picked the cupcake ones with the vanilla fragrance, thought there were also jasmin and fruity fragrances available. You get 30 wipes in a pack and they are wafer-thin sheets. You can't really smell the fragrance unless it's right up against your nose.

It actually took the varnish off really well, this was three layer's worth and it took a little scrubbing but did what it said it would! The only problem was the greasiness of the pads. My hands felt disgusting afterwards and the photo doesn't show quite how greasy it was, ick. It was also quite messy because while you were using it, it got on the nails of your other hand and took some of that off. Not really great for just re-doing one nail as I was doing. It leaves little fibres behind as well, that are a little sticky and therefore hard to remove and tend to get stuck to the nails, leaving you with a little line in the polish if you are repainting.

Also, don't leave the pad resting on your jeans while writing a blog post, they leave big greasy patches and rub the removed nail varnish off onto everything. Overall, these were kind of ok, but I don't think I'll be buying them again purely because of the greasiness. The patches aren't wetness because my jeans are now completely dry and they're still there!

Outfit Post: Navy Pink

Off to get my new glasses, today, hope they suit me! I'm not getting half-thinned lenses like with my current glasses so the lens could be really thick and I could look like a scary mole lady! I will be sure to post a picture of them later, on my face hopefully. These leggings are the most comfy things ever, I will have to get more. I was wary of Primark leggings because the last time I bought some they were rubbish and just fell down straightaway. Also, remind me never to use flash on my photos? Looks so much better without.

dress: george @ asda
leggings: primark
cardi: select
belt: primark
necklace: primark
jelly sandals: select

Primark Haul

I had such a great time today, it was fun going up to Bristol. The Nokia thing was fun but I had to sign a contract to agree not to talk about what I did so no details from me unfortunately. Primark was, for once, not full to the teeth and I had a lovely time wandering the floors for several hours. The only tragedy was that I didn't find any dresses I wanted; not one! How unusual for me. However I did find a tonne of other cutie things I'm going to share with you, that only cost me £20 overall (with a couple other things that is);

blush bow waist belt £3 - I will actually wear this waist belt, because I made sure to try it
on in the shop and it fits! expect it to appear in many outfit posts to come.

poodle necklace £1.50 - I could wear this with my Parisian
topshop dress and be totally french and très chic.

pink lady sunglasses £1 - can't see a damn thing when
I'm wearing them but so long's I look cool, right?

eyeshadow palette £1 - summery peachy colours with cute names!
you have to build up quite a lot for it to show up though.

gold liquid eyeliner 10p - to be honest I only bought this because it was 10p, at least my eyeball will go gold instead of black when I poke myself in the eye with the brush, like I always do.

pink jelly shoes £1 - these were from select, not primark, but they had basically the same ones in primark for like £3 so these were a steal! really comfy too. IRL they're a little paler than this.

cath kidston style umbrella £4 - it was thunderstorming outside while I was in primark, so
I got this umbrella. of course, as soon as I stepped outside it stopped raining.


I am currently craving red hair like mad. I've been a redhead several times (with varying shades) and I am perfectly aware of how hard the colour is to remove in dye-form if you change your mind... but I adore red hair. I was the girl who fancied Ron Weasley when everyone else was lusting after Harry Potter and freckles are one of my favourite things. I'm so bored of black hair, I don't care what shade of red it is; all of them are beautiful ♥ The only problem is, if I dyed my hair red my outfit posts would clash with my blog background! This also marks my 300th post...

[images all from google images]

Outfit Post: Flouncy Florals

I'm off to Bristol today to do some product testing for Nokia, and a bit of a raid on Primark, I hardly ever go as this is the nearest one and it's a bit of a trek to get there from where I live, with a train ride and quite a bit of a walk. I'm not actually wearing this outfit today, I was all ready to and then I realised the dress slides down to indecentness if I take a step due to having no straps, so I need to get some safety pins before I wear it again I think...

dress: internacionale
cardi: tesco via ebay
necklace: topshop
leggings: next

Justify Fullnecklace closeup (also, nails!)

University Planning

I am a planner. Planning is one of the things I do a lot and enjoy doing (particularly lists. Who doesn't love making lists?) and though that doesn't strictly mean I follow through with the plan it's nice that the plan is there in the first place. One such plan (I will stop using the word plan so much now) is to prepare for Uni. I may have gotten a little carried away with it all, meaning I have about half my stuff in preparation for the big move roughly three months before I need to go (including frivolous little things like a measuring jug and tea towels) it was all bought on an impulse buy in a big ASDA, which I slightly regret. It was all amazingly cheap but... so boring. White plates, white bowls, white kitchen stuff, blah. I want things that are pink and girly and sparkly and bit more me than ASDA's own brand things. In an ideal world I would have hundreds of pounds to buy Cath Kidston bedcovers and comic prints and pink kitchen accessories but right now I'm going to deal with boringness and go for a bit of interest in what is left to buy. So here's what I was thinking of;
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

Outfit Post: TGI Fridays

This is what I wore yesterday to TGI Fridays, for my friend Sophie's 19th birthday. I've been holding this dress back specifically for a special occasion and I thought last night was perfect. It also held up well when I played DDR at the arcade afterwards :3 I also had my glasses test and found out my prescription is quite a bit worse; because of this it's too strong to get glasses off of that cheap website :c I picked some new glasses from specsavers and got them free because I'm on jobseekers, so I guess that's ok. I get to pick them up on Friday. Tomorrow I'm off to Nokia to do some product testing, so exciting, and also I can go to the big Primark for a wander around, which I'm looking forward to.

dress: H&M
cardi: TK Maxx
leggings: Next

Ladies of Blogger: Fashion Inspiration

1. Thera Joyce of Crafty Pirate has the cutest style - what's not to love about knee-length converse and pink-and-black combos? I particularly love the black bow belt, which she made herself, very well in my opinion. Her blog is a mixture of craftiness, fashion and general cute.

2. Trisha of MarySew is the cutest German lady with a gorgeous fashion sense and a minor steampunk obsession, which I fully condone as an amazing (if time consuming) hobby to partake in. I particularly adore this swallow-print dress, I want it for myself!

3. Claire of Sitting Pretty has a wonderful, eclectic style with vintage, modern and a little bit of alteration and edginess thrown in every now and again. I only recently found her blog but I'm already hooked on her 'a week in my wardrobe' feature. I chose this maxi dress outfit as it's something I'd love to wear, but I just know I'd trip over the bottom of the dress, and I have a slight fear of waist belts since they are a problem area for me.

4. Dawnah(?) of Pearls, Lace and Ruffles makes some gorgeous outfit choices (and I am in constant envy of her legs), but I picked this as one of her more standout outfits in an overall girly wardrobe - it seems she can pull off any style with ease, which is totally unfair to the rest of us.

Outfit Post: Purple Pizzazz

I adore this dress, it cost hardly anything and I got another sale dress half price with it! It also makes my waist look pretty small, which is impressive because it's the least small thing about me. Off into town for eye test and jobcentre followed by dress shopping with one of my best friends and baking cakes ♥ Please forgive the blurriness of the photo, my sister was designated photographer and this was the only one that wasn't some sort of surrealist motion blur.

dress: internacionale
cardi: new look
necklace: topshop
leggings: next

necklace closeup

A Glasses Dilemma

Today I have an eye test and I'm pretty sure they'll say my prescription has changed. If it hasn't, I still need to get some new glasses anyway. I found this site that does amazing glasses for £10 each with prescription, and the only problem is I can't choose between them! I could probably get two pairs max. So which ones do you guys like best?

Recent Buys

I bought a couple things this/last week which I know for certain (or at least for about 6 months in one case) will not be featured on my blog, but I still wanted to share them with you ♥

dorothy perkins snood, £1 (that is a mole on my nose not a weird spot)

peacocks bow ballet flats, £8 (complete with paint splat on foot)

Outfit Post: Painting Time

I am helping Edd's sister with her new flat today, which involves painting, and therefore old clothes. This is the first time I've worn jeans (my super-skinnies are basically jeggings so they don't count) in months and months, and I used to live in them! These ones are too short for me so I've rolled up the ends. I can't decide if the effect is fashionable peg-crop jeans or weird mum-jeans but I suppose it doesn't really matter.

jeans: asda
top: new look

Polyvore Pretties

Hey guys, I attempted to use polyvore today for the first time today - it was really fun but my only complaint is there is no option to use UK-only shops as it's unlikely I'm ever going to shop in America!