A Pink Kind Of Grey

It's lovely out today, what is wrong with the weather at the moment? It can't seem to make up it's mind right now, it's like it keeps switching from blustery autumn weather to mid-summer heat waves, so I'm dressing for both possibilities - a thin sun dress with jeans and a cardi. It's been ages since I've worn converse, and these are the only pair I have left but I had forgotten how comfy they are. I'll have to try them out with dresses and tights another time. Today I'm off to Worle (a village near where I live) for Edd to go get his hair cut and I'm going to have a quick charity shop trawl and post some ebay parcels. Edd's starting work at his mum's school (his mum is assistant head) as a TA for two weeks, which is really good experience as he wants to go into social work - plus he gets paid a good amount too! I really need to get into wearing accessories again at the moment, I always wear the same bag (even if it doesn't go) and I have a lovely jewellery tree full of pretty sparkly things that never get worn - so starting this week I'm really going to try and get some sparkle on me every day.

If I Had £100...

...this is what I'd buy! There are so many lovely things online at the moment, I have to restrain myself from looking and drooling because I am so skint. Maybe I'll get some birthday/christmas money this year that can go towards cute clothing though. Also, I looked at my blog on my parent's computer and realised how garish the colour scheme was if you have a particularly bright monitor, so I took the opportunity to tone it down and make a more A/W suitable scheme. It's also wider which means bigger, more detailed images - and the all-white background is super convenient as I won't have to make all my images transparent! What do you guys think of it?

The Spotted Frock

Today was a really nice day, I went to Edd's sisters house for a little housewarming party/BBQ that she was having, which was really fun - lots of yummy food and quite a lot of Edd's family were there, all of whom were lovely, including his adorable two year old cousin who does a very cute dalek impression. I spent a lot of time washing up and dishing out food and helping make tea but I don't really mind, it's more like playing house than anything, the flat is so sweet and little and girly. So, in reflection of today's activities I've dressed cute but comfy - not so much Edd would be embarrassed of me (not that I've ever really been a trackie bottoms and hoodie kind of girl) but this will stand up to sitting on grass and being creased a little.

Darling Dots

I didn't take an outfit photo yesterday through lack of good light, laziness blah blah so I thought I'd attempt a arty-type outfit post à la Cupcake's Clothes and St Vicious, what do you think? :3 Oh, and since pretty much all I post is outfit posts I'm going to stop sticking it in the title, I'm getting sick of writing it! These past few days have been pretty eventful for me - the night before yesterday we went out in town for Edd's sister's birthday, which started out pretty fun as the first place we went to was a wetherspoons and we met some friends from college there, but then we went onto this bar/nightclub which I hated, who wants to yell to be heard and watch other far drunker people rub against each other? I think it was one of those places you have to be at least half gone to enjoy, so Edd and I got a taxi home but half 11 - we're middle-aged before we're even in our twenties, I swear. Then last night my lovely friend Rob (who is definitely going to be a famous animator one day) and a girl, Liz, who I knew from school, had a mini 'gig' in a pub in walking distance from Edd's house, so we went along and they were really good, if they had a single out I would so buy it. They did 'Foundations' by Kate Nash and I now can't get it out of my head. I also saw Cookie Button there, but we're both silly shy people so we didn't really talk - maybe next time if we ever meet again?

Xylophone Girl

Today I realised how long it had been since I'd just sat down and done some drawing, for no real purpose or reason, so today I decided to do just that. If I'm honest I'm pretty rusty with everything (especially drawing with a tablet), because I used to use it every single day and my skills seem to have degenerated over time, but never mind - it's something I still enjoy, so I'm happy. After a couple false starts I ended up drawing this cute lady clutching a xylophone. I want her hair. I think if I were in a band I would play the xylophone, or possibly the triangle. I have no musical talent whatsoever! ♥

Coming Up Roses

I'm starting to really stress about Uni now! It's so little time until I go, I've ordered all my books, got all my stationary and home stuff and it feels a lot more real than it did a couple weeks ago. I think the worse part will be the three weeks in-between Edd going and me going; I'm not looking forward to the wait and not being busy with my own Uni stuff will make me miss him more. On the plus side, it means I can go help him sort out his room when he goes up and say goodbye to him in person. Today is going to be a de-stressing day I think, I've painted my nails and am preparing to watch back-to-back Ugly Betty, then tonight I'm going out into town with Edd, his sister and her friends to celebrate her birthday, which will likely mean everyone else getting drunk while I drink diet coke - I'm not that into alcohol really, but it should be fun even though I have no idea what to wear! I might just stick with what I have on now. Oh, and by the way I'm selling a couple dresses on ebay in a UK 14-16 (US 12-14 I think), so go check them out if you think you might be interested - I'm willing to send anywhere assuming you're willing to cover the shipping costs.

WANT: A/W Warmth @ Topshop

This year Topshop has the cutest (and cosiest looking) autumn-winter accessories range; I'm dying for that blanket cape, it could be worn so many ways! And you can never have too many Snoods (though I don't know how to pronounce it; is it snud or snooood?)

Military Grey

Ack, terrible quality! I'm still getting the hang of this whole indoors-full-body-photo thing. This morning I phoned up Newport University to ask about the accommodation pack I had not yet received. Apparently I am receiving it next week and also she told me over the phone I would be in en-suite. Cue panic and hysterics, since I was relying on getting standard due to a serious lack of money. However, having worked it out I can survive while paying the extra £300-or-so. Also, the lovely Vic is having a great giveaway on her blog, for a really cute tutu - be sure to check it out.

Changing Room Subterfuge: Matalan

This is the last part of my Changing Room Subterfuge instalment, please let me know what you think and whether or not I should re-do this at a later date or just leave it.

Oh dear. This first dress shall now officially be known as the 'stomach shelf' dress, made of some sort of material that makes my belly look like a sticky-outty ledge. It's chubby, but not that chubby! A second 'oh dear' is awarded to these hareem pants for simultaneously making me look dumpy and tubby. Bravo. (I did not intentionally match my nails to my socks btw)

Ahh. I loved this first dress - it was a lovely heavy material that would be great for cooler weather, and the slightly padded shoulders balanced me out, plus it has a mixed background of nautical and military. I curse my lack of funds. This second dress (tunic?) was lovely too, though made of a lot less practical (warm) material and I wasn't so sure about the little frou-frou frill, which it could have done without.

Hearts and Roses

I think our nice summer is well and truly over now, there's even been flash floods the country over and the wind is whistling about out there, along with the heavy rain - there was no way I could have taken this photo outside, hence the bad angle and lack of head - as well as the glimpse of my room. All of which I've got to look forward to in Wales, I suppose! At least it snows sometimes too. Saying that, the sun burst through the clouds five minutes after I took this... grr. Tonight I went to a greek restaurant with Edd's family to celebrate his sister's and stepdad's birthdays - it was really nice except there was a dead fly in my chips. Ick.

Changing Room Subterfuge: Topshop/Peacocks

This is the second instalment of my changing room tour with Sophie. Here's my opinions of Topshop and Peacocks;

This first skirt is from Topshop, in a M/L, and it actually looks quite cute on me! Not £22 cute, but still. Normally I wouldn't have even considered it, but it was literally the only thing in the shop that would fit me. I was surrounded by lovely dresses and tops that only seemed to go up to a size 12 in a shop where I am a large 16, so unfair. As if to make up for this injustice, the floral dress in a 16 from Peacocks must be at least three sizes too large on the bust, I was so disappointed and you can definitely see that in my face!

In both these cases, too, the bust was far too large - am I deformed or something? Are my boobs tiny considering my size? I don't know, but Peacocks seem to think so, apparently - the check dress is a 14 and still a little large, and I really loved the black dress but it didn't fit right. These probably wouldn't have fit in a size down, either. Sigh. No, I am not trying to nom the camera in the second picture, I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing with my face to be honest.

Lust After...

Oh my goodness, I saw these boots in Matalan and they were love at first sight! They fit me perfectly and are very easy to walk in too, if only I had the funds... If anyone else just fell in love too, they're £26 at Matalan, a very reasonable price in my opinion.

Changing Room Subterfuge: New Look #2

I've got several Changing Room Subterfuge posts lined up, but I'm starting as I did last time; with the Mecca of cheap fashion that is New Look. I tried to be a little more diverse than dress, tunic, dress, dress this time so please tell me what you think of this feature and the others, when they get posted. I get a little thrill when I steal into the changing room with my little camera and click away, the staff being completely oblivious the whole time!

Yes, I know, another Maxi dress. I think I have this hideous urge to try them on no matter how bad they look, though actually this one makes me look surprisingly less grotesque than all the other ones - the only problem is boobs, I'm worried if I lean forward there could be a some sort of wardrobe mishap! The crop top was lovely, long enough to be a normal top with high-waist trousers or cute with a white tank top underneath and shorts for a warm day - or with me over a summer dress with girly sandals or converse.

The way I would describe myself in this first dress is 'lumptastic'. It even makes me lumpy at the shoulders where my bra-straps are somehow. Not only that but someone had cut the 'new look' label out of the top so this was obviously someone else's seconds. If this dress was somewhat more... skimming it could look cute. The second dress is loved, until I got to the shoulders - size 16 in New Look seems to either be for the flat chested or katie price-chested, with no midway point! I know I have a narrow upper body, too, but this was ridiculous. Cute pattern, though, in a different style I would have been very tempted.


Literally two minutes after I took these photos it bucketed down, and it's still going now. There was a really close storm on saturday as well, so I hope it doesn't storm today since I have to go into town to go to the jobcentre, and I'm also meeting my lovely friend Sophie.

Blue Weather

It's super miserable out today, so I pulled out my jeans for the first time since winter - they're more like jeggings really though. Edd got 3 B's at A-Level! I'm so proud of him, he did better than me (BBC) without all that much revision, which just goes to show how clever he is. He's off to Uni to do Social Work for sure now - he starts a month earlier than me so I'm really going to miss him. My Ragdoll sales are picking up again at the moment, which is pretty useful as every little bit helps towards University - if you want one it's only 75p for one, and £2.30 for a family - I can even make them in card format with background for printing, or avatars or banners for a little extra. So just email me if you're interested. Oh, and I've also added some custom greetings cards to my folksy shop, very cheap still - I'm hoping I'll get at least one buyer.

Want: A/W Accessories

I'm really looking forward to the A/W accessories this year; lots of woolly warmth, brightly patterned fairisle and the new faux fur trend that's cropped up recently - slightly tacky and not practical for rainy days but still super cute, and it won't set off my wool allergies like all the knitted pretties.

Navy Aviary

This dress is so cute and comfy, such a sweet print and it hides all my chub when I'm having a bit of an off day! Today is Edd's results day, so we're heading up to our old college to get his A-Level grades. I have my fingers crossed for him but to be honest I don't think he'll need it - he's more clever than he takes credit for! I'm so glad I got my results last year though, it must be a horrible feeling not knowing whether you've got into University or not.

Want: Cosy Coats

It's coming up to the colder months of the year now, and I expect for some people it will be a blessing to get out of the fashion rut of summer-dresses-and-ballet-pumps and into the muted A/W palettes and cosy thick fabrics. I have my Hell Bunny coat from last winter (complete with bear ears!) but it's starting to look a bit on the tatty side, and definitely will be well worn by the time December rolls around. If I had the funds I'd take my pick from these four (though it would be terribly difficult to choose just one!);

Leopard Pink

This is posted late because I spent all morning at the mecca of home interiors... IKEA! I really love that place, I got nearly if not all of the rest of the things I needed for Uni, and some other cute bits - a little soft toy for my dog, Charlie, to play with, and some elk-shaped pasta! Amazing or what, right? I love my outfit but these shoes were not meant for walking long distance and by the end they were aching. Only 7 weeks or so until Uni, it's so soon...

Dotty About You

I absolutely adore this dress! It makes me feel like a lady scientist, with the button-up style and cute little chest pocket. It's the other one I got from Primark and just about the cutest thing ever, I have a thing about pink dresses at the moment I think. Edd's parents are back late tonight so today is a frenzy of tidying, packing and attempting not to make a mess where we've already tidied. I'm going to miss staying round Edd's, but I'm starting to miss my own room too! I've also seriously started thinking about the things I need to get for Uni, since there's still quite a long list - nothing a trip to IKEA couldn't sort, though. Edd is off to Uni in only 4 weeks or so, and I'm going to miss him so much especially since I'm not going to be going for 7 weeks - but at least I can go help Edd unpack his things and have a look at his campus/halls.

Sophie's Soaps Giveaway Winner

Thankyou so much to everyone who entered my 100 follower giveaway, sponsored by the wonderful Sophie of Sophie's Soaps. Hopefully I'll be holding another giveaway soon for my 150th follower, or maybe 200th assuming the number continues to rise, which I hope it will. Either way, the winner of my 100 followers giveaway is...

♥ Sophie of Sophie's Blog! ♥

Congratulations Sophie (how many times have I written that name in this post?), you have won a gorgeous set of soaps including mini cupcakes and an ice lolly! just send me an email with your address and I'll get it sent out to you ASAP ♥

Changing Room Subterfuge: New Look

Today I was in town and happened to have my camera on me, so I thought I'd do a little sneaky photo-session à la Fabfrocks. However, Edd was with me so I could only try on a couple things before he spontaneously combusted from all the complaining he was doing. Here's what I tried on;

I loved this top! I would wear it over cute dresses, though I think a plain one would work better than patterned. The fabric was soft and stretchy and I think it's designed to be slouchy as this is a size 12 and fit me perfectly over my dress. The print is adorable too, and I love the quirkiness of it.

Urgh. I saw this in the sale bit, thought that maybe I should be more lenient towards the Maxi, which I've so far shunned, and dragged the yards of fabric into the changing room with me. I now have the knowledge of what I would look like if I were six months pregnant - ick! (I'm not pregnant at all by the way, and don't plan to be at any point in the near future, just in case anyone gets the wrong end of the stick!) I've never worn anything so unflattering! Other than the hideous shape the sequin/disc things looked like they'd come off if you so much as looked at them. The only redeeming factor was that the fabric has a nice feel to it.

Crochet Cutie

I had a scrubby day yesterday, so I didn't get out of my PJs. The day before that, however, we went up to Newport - I was expecting a big high street type thing like in town but it has this amazing, sprawling shopping district... with a Primark! Admittedly only a little Primark, but I bought some cute things anyway, including this dress - and everything else I'm wearing! I can't believe this whole outfit cost £8. Today we're going to the Jobcentre, the library and the tip, action packed and fun filled kinda day then, eh? I don't know if anyone spotted it, but I went over my photobucket bandwidth yesterday so I had to buy a pro account. I'm torn between being happy, since it means a lot of people are seeing my photos, or sad because I had to fork out for the pro version! It was only £1.80 though and I only paid for one month to see how I go, so I suppose I'm more happy :3

In other news, I got my first hater comment this morning in my inbox, which was promptly deleted. It was going on about how I look hideous and I should do my hair and wear makeup to make my boyfriend 'proud'. Wearing makeup every day results in really bad eczma/conjuntivitus around my mouth and eyes and I'm sure Edd would prefer me to look like I don't have the plague rather than having me wear some eyeliner - and as for my hair, I'm getting round to it but I'm waiting until it's a bit longer so it can be super dramatic when it's cut and dyed. Has anyone else had funny hater comments? My giveaway ends tonight at midnight, by the way, so don't forget to enter if you haven't already ♥

Outfit Post: Buttoned Up

I've never worn this cardi buttoned up, I'm not sure what I think of it. Isn't this little poodle pendant the cutest? I got it in a set of four off eBay, with two rollerskates in black and pink and a gold pineapple - £1 for four, so 25p each! We didn't end up going to Newport again yesterday, but we did go to Burnham and had a look round the shops. Edd traded in some games for three new ones, which will keep him busy for the next week or so. Fingers crossed we're going to Newport today, this trip seems to be cursed! I was thinking about applying to Lookbook to put my outfits up there, but you need someone to invite you I think? Do any of you guys have it/would be willing to invite me? Don't forget to enter my giveaway, only 2 days left!

Princess Peach

Another win off eBay, this dress is a little more worn than the seller said it was, but despite a little fading it's pretty pristine in condition and to be honest I prefer the slightly washed out colour. There were no posts yesterday because I was super ill, and spent my whole day in Edd's trackie bottoms and hoodie feeling sorry for myself, which doesn't make for a very appealing outfit post. Luckily, I feel a lot better today so we're off to check out Newport before I go to Uni, so I know what's where and so on. Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway! Only 3 days left!

Outfit Post: Sailorette

Isn't this dress super cute? Looking at the photos I took, I wasn't convinced that is looked all that nice on me, but I love it anyway. It's quite heavy material, so it seems a lot more expensive than it was, if a little see-through(!) without a cami underneath. Today Edd's seeing his sister - who is back from Gibraltar for a few days - and I'm off to visit my Nan in Wales. Don't forget to enter my giveaway, only 5 days left!

Outfit Post: Rainy Day

It's chucking it down but I still wanted to do an outfit post, hence the debut of my lovely primark umbrella (£4). Today we're off the Cribbs Causeway, a big Mall in the Bristol, to have a look around. We were originally going to go to Burnham but the weather just isn't nice enough. Don't forget to enter my giveaway, only 6 days left!

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Outfit Post: Birds and Checkers

Check out the sweet ATAT sticker on Edd's car (who is named Petunia, by the way,) - it was part of his birthday present from me. His birthday's not until the 21st but I couldn't resist giving it to him early, we're both such Star Wars nerds. I nicked this shirt from his wardrobe today, and I'm pretty sure it looks better on me...

Outfit Post: Cerulean

Ahh, isn't this dress gorgeous? I saw them everywhere on people and I loved the cute print and frills and buttons... then I went up to Primark and it was either sold out or they didn't stock it anymore. I looked on eBay for a while but the prices went up to about £15 for a dress! I had almost given up hope when I saw this one with one minute left and only a £1 bid on it, so I snapped it up and it arrived yesterday. It is so comfy and cute, the only thing is the length - I'm quite tall and it barely covers my bum, but as long as I remember not to bend over I should be OK. Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday, I did try really hard to take an outfit photo but it was bucketing down outside and Edd's house seems to have a complete lack of natural light inside, so I had to leave it because all the pictures I took were grainy/from bad angles even with the light on. Anyway, yesterday we went to Brean, where there's this permanent funfair type setup and it was loads of fun, even though I didn't end up going on any rides I took photos of my family on them, which are up on my flickr if you're interested. I also have my first sponsored giveaway in the works, which I can use as a celebration for my 100th follower. I will just say one word; cupcake. More to be posted about that at a later date.

Outfit Post: Fuschia Rain

It was drizzling when I went out to do my photos, so I thought I'd show off my new raincoat! Not the coolest or most attractive but it keeps water out and as a bonus it's bright pink, so it'll do for me - my only worry is that it might clash with my bright pink (and blue) wellies. I like the toggles at the waist to pull it in a little, it stops it from being too shapeless. Edd's at work again today and the cats have to be locked in because his sister is taking them to the vets, so they're bouncing off the walls and attacking my feet and generally being a nuisance, but I don't think they mean to be pains in the bum, they're just outdoor type kitties. Also, in other exciting news I now have 100 followers! Unfortunately I can't afford to host a giveaway right now because I really need to save up for Uni but I promise when I reach 150 I'll do a super awesome one then, kay? ♥

Vintage Cutie @ Miss Selfridge

I adore Miss Selfridge, but like Topshop it's one of those stores where sizing seems to change each time I go in there - I've struggled to fit into size 16 dresses when I was smaller than I am now and I tried on a 16 a little while ago in a similar style and it swamped me. It's the kind of shop I don't think I'd order from online but if I saw these things in the shop I'd definitely give them a second look..

Outfit Post: Horsing Around

The lovely Sophie took my outfit photo for me today! Her and Ben stayed round last night and it was lots of fun, even though we ended up calling the BBQ off. Today we're not up to much, the boys are playing videogames and later I need to nip home to get some parcels that have been delivered. My mum was saying about maybe going to see Toy Story 3 but there's nothing concrete.

Outfit Post: Leopard

This is today's outfit, without leggings for once! I'm probably not brave enough to go without them if I go out but around the house it's fine. Our friends Sophie and Ben are coming round today for a a BBQ (assuming the weather perks up, it was nice when I took this but then it bucketed down!) followed by a video game/movie night which should be lots of fun. My amazingly clever boyfriend fixed my charger too! So I don't have to pay £20 I could be saving towards Uni on a new one, so I'm really pleased about that.

Outfit Post: Geek Chic

This is actually yesterday's outfit but in the time between taking the photo and getting it onto Violet (my laptop) everything went a bit pear-shaped - first of all I changed round the battery on my laptop because my original one seems to have a shortened battery life - from over-charging, probably - and my charger made a horrible whiny noise when plugged in, so I unplugged it but obviously the battery had no charge, meaning my photos = unaccessible, and I was at my house while my other battery was at Edd's. We got back last night, I changed the battery back over and the charger still made the noise. Looking it up online, it could be caused by arcing, which Edd (who used to be an electrician apprentice) says is when the contacts aren't touching so the electricity jumps from one to the other, which sound pretty dangerous to me! So Edd went to have a look, opened the charger (which is past warranty), forgot it has a capacitor, which is like a mini battery thing, and gave himself a big shock. So my charger may be permanently broken - the second one my laptop has gotten through - despite Edd's best efforts so that means buying a new one and no Laptop for a while! On the plus side though I made some cookies last night and they came out really yummy ♥

Girlie Pink @ Topshop

I adore Topshop, despite the teeny-tiny sizes (and huge size differences) and the less that teeny costs that means I can only afford to shop there for tissues - albeit super cute tissues - and during sale-time. That doesn't stop me dreaming, though! If I were given like £300 to spend there right now this is what I would buy;

The Wishing Tree

Look what my lovely boyfriend made me! A gorgeous jewellery tree that he made out of MDF which I painted a peppermint blue, inspired by this tutorial - isn't it beautiful? And entirely unique, no-one has another one like it. I'm thinking of sticking some glitter on there too but I haven't decided yet, I think I like it how it is. There's plenty of room for all my necklaces and bracelets and more - I got the little ice lolly necklace in the post today, isn't it precious?

Gothic Cute @ Peacocks

Peacocks has some cute new items in right now, and the majority of it seems to be the staple gothic trend colour of black, with some retro and lace thrown in. Personally, I adore this lace dress especially the little puff sleeves! Like a gothic Alice in Wonderland, and with a fairly low price too though I'll have to have a peek in Primark for something even cheaper the way my budget's going right now...

Outfit Post: Teal and Peach

This photo came out better than yesterday's because I got up early morning and took it - no blinding, bleaching light that gets rid of all the little details. I love this cardigan, it's my favourite of the three I got from eBay, so comfy and slouchy! I got it in a size 12 because I have narrow shoulders and though a size 14 would do up less tight on the waist it would just slip right off my shoulders, so a bit pointless really! Today is reserved for going to the JobCentre (I want to start working on the pier already! Grr!) and having a brief look around town followed by grocery shopping and not much else, I don't think. I've gone a bit eBay mad right now! All Edd's family seem to have birthdays at the end of August so I got them all some cute things off eBay or online (not second hand, I'm not that stingy!) and I've won a bright pink mac (pac a mac style) from Primark originally for £2, that I saw instore for £14 - which is what put me off buying it in the first place! I definitely need a raincoat what with moving to Wales in a few months.

Outfit Post: The Grey Lady

This dress is the first ever thing I've bought from ASOS, and I think I might be a convert! It came in the post really quickly and I got updates via email the whole time. The dress is lovely but has two issues; a) it's a little too big, everywhere. However, looking at the measurements for the website a 14 wouldn't have fitted me! So apparently I'm between sizes, but hopefully a waist belt would make the slouchiness look intentional - and b) it crease really badly - admittedly it hasn't been ironed but I hung it up in the bathroom to steam it and after that it had no creases - but now after sitting down and walking for half an hour it's very creasy. Quite a few other bloggers (including Cupcake's Clothes, who pulls this dress off far better than me) have also got this dress in the coral/orange colour and it's lovely but I wanted something that would go with a lot of things I already own so this was the more practical choice, and a nice wintery colour too so could be worn all year round. Isn't Edd's garden the perfect background for my outfit photos? So pretty and vibrant, and the shed is super cute. I don't know if I'll be able to stomach going back to indoor photos again! Still a bit sniffly today but ultimately feeling a lot better, thanks for the 'get well soon's guys ♥ I'm nipping home today to see the family and grab some things I forgot and not much else, I don't think, so a relaxing sunday all round. Also, I need your advice, followers! Is this image too large or does it look good this size? You can see all the details but does it take too long to load for you? I'm not sure...

August Wishlist

Happy August everyone! Here is my August wishlist;

1. Cutie Stationary for Uni, preferably from Artbox.
2. Topshop Warm Coat. I'm not normally brand-ist but their stuff is normally quite well-made.
3. Cute Ankle Boots - these blowfish ones are darling and waterproof.
4. Brown Leather Jacket for Autumn (though for less than £50 if possible, unlike this one!)
5. 10mp+ Pink Digital Camera, any kind will do since I can't take my mum's camera to Uni...
6. Harajuku Lovers Solid Perfume. I would buy this for the tins alone, so cute!