Lovehearts and Lollipops.

This outfit is one of my favourites I've worn in a while - I may wear jeans and tees sometimes, but I'm a dressy girly girl at heart! I always forget I have this dress, and when I put it on I'm always amazed at what a good silhouette it gives me - not hourglass by a long shot, but curvy at least. Hopefully today we will be going to get my new coat, but I'm not going to get my hopes up what with all the previous scuppered attempts.
{dress: peacocks £20, cardi: new look, tights: ???, boots: next, necklace: lady luck rules ok via ebay}

Designed For Comfort.

[hoodie: newport university, horse print dress: primark via ebay, skinnies: next, raggedy old slippers: george@asda]
The weather is appalling and my room has no natural light whatsoever, so I drew my outfit for today. I'm still a bit icky, so this one's purely about comfort and warmth. Hopefully my Halls room will get better light - speaking of which, only ten days to go! I really can't wait now, It's so unfair when every else has been at University a week or so already.... We've been put into houses too, there are five and I'm in 'Red House', which sounds like the Gryffindor of Newport Uni to me! I would've preferred to be in Blue House though, Ravenclaw was always my favourite... haha, I was (am) such a Harry Potter geek. Still feeling like crud today though, didn't force myself out of bed until 11ish haha - there's not any real reason for me to get up though, we were meant to be going to Bristol yesterday but have again been delayed due to the fact my mum's car is still at the garage two days later than we should've picked it up...

This Week's Lust After...

1. Strappy Zip Wedge, New Look, £19.99 | 2. Suitcase Bag, Topshop, £35 | 3. Embellished Belt, River Island, £29.99
4. Pearl Collar Dress, Miss Selfridge, £49 | 5. Hello Kitty 2GB USB Stick, Artbox, £25

A 70's Feeling.

There was something about this outfit that reminded me of the 70's, maybe the colour of the jeans matched with this top... I'm not sure! It would've looked a whole lot more vintage if these jeans were flared. Yes, I know how weird it is for me to be wearing a top and not a dress, but it's long! I don't have a problem with tops-and-jeans, I just don't like showing my stomach or crotch area, really. I'm still not feeling great today - a bit icky - but I'm getting there. Tomorrow we should be going up to Bristol to look for my new winter coat, which will hopefully be more successful than last time.
{top: new look, jeans: next, waistcoat: new look £8, flats: peacocks £8}

Autumn Owl.

So, first of all I couldn't find a winter coat ANYWHERE in my home town. New Look had one cute one, not in my size, and the same for Topshop. So this week I'll be going into Bristol, to look in River Island, Miss Selfridge etc. - I will find a perfect coat! But even though I didn't find the coat I wanted I got this super cute hat from Claire's accessories; it's shaped like an owl! It was weird buying it the other day because it was all blue sky and summer warmth. The night before last I was meant to be going to a party in honour of Sophie's boyfriend's birthday (and his brother's) but stupidly I decided to give their family cat a cuddle, after which I rubbed my eyes! Yes, I am allergic to cat hair and I am an idiot, but in my defence, I've never had that reaction before - eyes all swollen and red and bloodshot, I looked like I was about to turn into a zombie or something. Ick. So I ended up at home by 10pm. Yesterday I was pretty ok though, but today I woke up with swollen tonsils and its really sore and scratchy, so I'm pretty glad I'm not at Uni right now, though I'll probably get it again then - my tonsils seem to catch every infection and germ going, much to my annoyance, I wish they'd just take them out already! Oh, and this covers one of my autumn resolutions - accessorizing! So that's another one to cross off, I'm more than halfway through now.
{jumper: topshop, dress: primark via ebay £2, jeans: dorothy perkins, flats: topshop, hat: claires accessories}

Cold Day in Paris.

...well, sounds better than 'a cold day in weston-super-mare', doesn't it? and it reflects my dress, probably the poshest item in my wardrobe; I very rarely buy anything from topshop! I'm dressed for warmth today because not only is it chilly out but I'm going to a house party tonight to celebrate the birthday of Sophie's lovely boyfriend and his twin, which seems to undoubtedly lead to manhunt in a field somewhere. These boots are super comfy but not super practical, so I'll take my converse with me. Last time Edd managed to fall in a ditch and get covered head to toe in mud, wish I had a photo of that incident! This morning I'm going with Sophie to town and I'm going to get a new winter coat, I'm super excited about it ♥
{dress: topshop £10, jeans: dorothy perkins, cardi: new look, boots: next}

A Monochrome Kind Of Day.

These jeans were salvaged from my mum's room, from the pile that are going to the charity shop - these used to be mine but I gained weight and they didn't fit me, but now they fit again, hurray! I'm pretty chuffed about it to be honest - two free pairs of jeans. This cardi hasn't been worn in forever either, as it didn't use to do up... maybe I've gotten taller? Because the scales say I haven't lost any weight. Today we might be off up to Caerleon - where my Uni is - to have a look round the village, so long's it doesn't start raining. I'm quite looking forward to it.
{dress: tk maxx £11, jeans: dorothy perkins, cardi: ebay £5, flats: next}

Dresses, Dresses, Dresses!

I wasn't in a photographic mood today, so here's some super cute dresses my wardrobe really shouldn't be without;

An Eclectic Ensemble.

My mum got me this jumper yesterday and it's just the cutest thing I've ever seen - so 1950's kitsch, and because of the length it goes perfectly with most of my dresses, since it nearly always hits the waistband. Today I'm going with Sophie to her fresher's week, which is up in Bristol so not all that far away from me. I'm going out with her Thursday too, I'm so looking forward to it! I've never really done a girl's night out before c:
{dress: new look £7, jumper: george @ asda £10, leggings: next, boots: sugar shoes, necklace: primark £1.50}

Cerulean City.

I'm feeling a bit more like myself today (though the hoodie may well end up put over this!) so I thought I'd girly up a bit in this dress, that I got through the post the other day from eBay. The top's a little revealing for me, but I adore the little button and lace details it has, as well as the cute tulle petticoat, and I can always wear a top under it if I don't want to wear a cardi.
{dress: new look via ebay 99p, cardi: tk maxx, tights: primark £1.50, flats: topshop via my mum's wardrobe}

Interior Cute.

I don't feel up to photos of myself at the moment, at the moment I'm wearing Edd's hoodie (which he insisted was only being lent to me, not for keeps. tch.) pretty much non-stop so they wouldn't make for very interesting outfit posts anyway. I'm missing him a lot, but he's having a great time so I'll snap out of it, hopefully sooner rather than later. So instead of abandoning the blog for a couple days, here's some gorgeous homey-type things I would buy, were my funds limitless;

from left to right: h&m, urban outiftters, ikea, matalan, cloth ears, tk maxx, next, m&s.

Purple & Grey.

There most likely won't be a post tomorrow, as I'm going up with Edd and his family to Staffordshire to help him move in. I can't believe he's going tomorrow! I'm going to miss him lots but it's such a great University for him even though it wasn't for me; he's studying to be a Social Worker. I love this dress so much and it was such a bargain considering were it's from, but I still wish I'd gotten a size down - it doesn't look too big in these photos but when you try to put something on top you can really tell it's too baggy. It didn't show up too well, but my tights are a lovely rich plum colour. Have you all noticed how much I love these boots yet? It seems I wear them every other day. In fact, there is another reasons for that; I got a bit overzealous with my packing and put away most of my shoes, leaving me with about three pairs and some slipper boots for the next three weeks. Expect a lot of these, my black flats and blue pumps for the next almost-month.
{dress: ASOS £6, tights: gift, boots: sugar shoes}

also, as per autumn resolution #5, this is a changed up outfit!
This is how I've worn this dress in the past;

Second Star to the Right.

I am very proud of myself - Autumn Resolution #1 can be crossed off already! I always thought, as lovely as this dress is, it clings to me too much to be flattering. I'm still not sure, but I'll leave it up to you guys to tell me what you think. I do adore the little faux-peter pan collar and gold buttons, they make it really unusual and unique looking. It's only two days until Edd is off to Uni, so I'm seeing him every day after he's finished work - we managed to complete Scott Pilgrim, it was such a fun game. Just all the achievements to get now.
{dress: george @ asda £8, tights (x2): primark £2.50, shoes: peacocks £8}

Autumn Resolutions

So today I was thinking about my wardrobe - I'm not as bad as some people, I wear about 90% of it, but there are certain things that I buy and then never, ever wear. I want to resolve this so here is a little Autumn Resolution list for my clothing habits, which I am going to post here then stick over in the sidebar:
  • WEAR SOMETHING TIGHT-ISH - I have a couple sweater dresses than I never wear because they don't so much cling as follow the lines of my body, so I guess could be considered pretty unforgiving, or maybe I'm just overthinking when I do wear them because I'm used to wearing flouncy things that hide my shape.
  • ACCESSORIZE! - I always forget things like scarves, hats, jackets, jewellery... I have loads of all of them, and scarves especially will be useful as the weather gets colder - not to mention they can completely change up an outfit.
  • LAYER IT - It's getting colder and I normally freeze my ass off rather than put on something underneath what I'm wearing, because I'm always worried it'll make me look chunkier - tights are my only exception to this.
  • WEAR SOMETHING STRAPLESS - this never happens because I always consider strapless = going out somewhere fancy for some reason. Oh, and I have no strapless bras, as well as me being paranoid it'll slide down me.
  • CHANGE IT UP - when I put an outfit together around a dress/top and it works, I just do it the same every time I wear that dress, leaving loads of outfit possibilities out in the cold, for no real reason.
So over the next few months I'm going to try really hard to go by these rules at least once so I can cross them off - look out for them in future outfit posts. If you're like me and have things in your wardrobe that aren't what you'd normally wear try and make your own autumn fashion resolutions c:

A/W Wants: Three Looks

A lot of shops have some super sweet things in for this A/W season but my personal favourites right now are New Look, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins. Here's a couple looks I put together (and I'm lusting over! I really need all of these...) - In particular I adore that Husky Hat from Topshop, that's the thing I most want out of all the outfits ♥

Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away.

I love this dress, but I don't wear it all that often since the weather has started going downhill again. It could look pretty good with a longsleeve top under it though, so that's always a possibility. Yesterday we sorted all of Edd's non-essentials for packing, like kitchen and bathroom stuff. Just his essentials to go, like clothes, TV, computer etc. He's still really worried about going, but he's far more sociable than me so I know he'll be fine. I'm seeing him again tomorrow evening, despite the fact he's working all day, because we want to finish Scott Pilgrim on the Xbox before he goes. Recently I've been thinking about trying to lose weight again - currently I'm slap bang in the middle of a UK 14-16, meaning size 16's are a little big and some size 14's a little small, it's more a practicality/comfort thing than a vanity thing I suppose.
{dress: primark via ebay £2, jeans: dorothy perkins £15, boots: sugar shoes}

Broderie Anglaise.

Today I'm off back to Edd's to help with packing. In case you haven't noticed, this had been one of my favourite dresses of the summer - so easy to wear! I probably wear it a bit too much. It's just a shame the bust is a little big, otherwise it would be perfect, but it's pretty good considering the price - my whole outfit cost just £2, not including postage. I spent this morning sorting out what I'm taking to University and what I'm leaving/chucking. My shoes are all packed up in shoeboxes, except for a couple essential pairs. What I don't take I pretty much have to get rid of as my little sister is having my room; hers is a lot smaller, so there won't be as much space for my things.
{dress: new look via ebay £1, shoes: primark £1}

Garden Birds.

[dress: new look, cardi: new look via ebay, £1, shoes: peacocks]
I was round Edd's house today so I thought I'd take my photos in his lovely garden, hence the cute kitty in some of my shots; Maggie, one of Edd's family's two cats. She dribbled on my shoes, unfortunately, so they're now a little sticky, ew. Last night was brilliant, we met up with Sophie and her boyfriend for a meal, and then our other friend arrived and we had a few drinks, and a nice chat. I'm going to miss them all so much, but at least I'll be back for xmas in 2 months. Today was spent sorting out Edd's timetable for his first week at Uni, starting to pack and organise his things, figuring out what last bits and bobs he needs, and playing the Scott Pilgrim game, which he got on Xbox Live Arcade -it's awesome! c:

Waiting For The Post...

I got my prize from Hawaii Kawaii's giveaway today! She sent the set a month ago but it must've gotten lost in the post, so she sent me the spare set the other week, that's just how lovely she is c: Isn't it the cutest little stationary set or what? ♥

Blue Dress, Pink Heels.

I thought I'd try doing an epic series of outfit photos like blonde bedhead for a change,
even though my camera's a lot more crappy and she's so much prettier! tell me what you think...

[dress: primark via ebay £2, cardi: select £3, tights: primark, heels: gift]

Admittedly I probably won't wear these heels out
(due to my knee, it hurts just from wearing them for these photos!)
but I realised they've never been showcased on this blog, and they're my nicest pair of shoes.
Edd got them for me a while back as a present and they're just perfect -
everything from the colour to the cute little bow. I wish I could wear them more.

Newport University have their own social networking site,
I've already found someone who'll be next door to me, so exciting!
Tonight I'm meeting up with some friends, including Sophie,
with Edd for drinks and a chat before we all go our separate ways,
I'll be the only one that hasn't started Fresher's Week in the next week or so.

Waistcoats Are Cool.

Sorry for the slightly dishevelled look, this was taken at the end of the day so I'd already been out shopping/dog walking/posting things, leaving me looking not so perfect (not that I look perfect normally, mind you!) I got my accommodation letter through from Newport, filled it out signed it etc. etc. and it's back in the post again. At least I know my room number now, so I can sort out my TV Licence and stuff. Also, Scott Pilgrim was absolutely amazing, I need to see it again! It's definitely up there with my favourite films at the moment, I'm itching to read the books now. I loved the way the comic-y elements were so seamless and most of all I adored Ramona and Knives' hair. I want half blue-hair now.

Lace Flora

I love this dress, but it's a bit of a tight squeeze for me on the chest; it must be strangely made as everywhere else it fits fine! The only explanation I can think of is that the bust is the fitted part and the rest is 'free size', but as it's a M/L I would've thought it would fit me there anyway, if not a little bit large like most of my other dresses. The best thing about it is it has pockets like you get on a hoodie - a kangaroo pouch type thing, and I cannot resist dresses with pockets. I have an eventful week ahead of me; tonight Edd and I are going to see Scott Pilgrim, which I cannot wait for - I've never read the books due to lack of funds to buy them, but maybe I could do it the wrong way round and read them after? I've always been more of a webcomic girl, because, well, they're free to read. On Friday night we're meeting Sophie, her boyfriend Ben and another friend, Calum, for drinks at our nearby pub as a kind of 'goodbye' thing, they're all staying around here but Sophie will be busy with Uni work and Edd will be gone in less than 2 weeks! Then Saturday and Sunday are packing Edd's things, in preparation for taking up to Stoke early the next weekend. So much to do!